Package pii.core.info
Inheritance class PiiActiveRecordInfoBehavior » CActiveRecordBehavior » CModelBehavior » CBehavior » CComponent
Implements IBehavior
Since 2.0
Version $Id$
Behavior, manages info attributes for active records

Detailed info
$var = code_example();

Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
enabled boolean whether this behavior is enabled CBehavior
owner CComponent the owner component that this behavior is attached to. CBehavior

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
__call() Calls the named method which is not a class method. CComponent
__get() Returns a property value, an event handler list or a behavior based on its name. CComponent
__isset() Checks if a property value is null. CComponent
__set() Sets value of a component property. CComponent
__unset() Sets a component property to be null. CComponent
afterConstruct() Responds to CActiveRecord::onAfterConstruct event. CActiveRecordBehavior
afterDelete() Responds to CActiveRecord::onAfterDelete event. CActiveRecordBehavior
afterFind() Responds to CActiveRecord::onAfterFind event. CActiveRecordBehavior
afterSave() PiiActiveRecordInfoBehavior
afterValidate() Responds to CModel::onAfterValidate event. CModelBehavior
asa() Returns the named behavior object. CComponent
attach() Attaches the behavior object to the component. CBehavior
attachBehavior() Attaches a behavior to this component. CComponent
attachBehaviors() Attaches a list of behaviors to the component. CComponent
attachEventHandler() Attaches an event handler to an event. CComponent
beforeDelete() PiiActiveRecordInfoBehavior
beforeFind() Responds to CActiveRecord::onBeforeFind event. CActiveRecordBehavior
beforeSave() PiiActiveRecordInfoBehavior
beforeValidate() Responds to CModel::onBeforeValidate event. CModelBehavior
canGetProperty() Determines whether a property can be read. CComponent
canSetProperty() Determines whether a property can be set. CComponent
detach() Detaches the behavior object from the component. CBehavior
detachBehavior() Detaches a behavior from the component. CComponent
detachBehaviors() Detaches all behaviors from the component. CComponent
detachEventHandler() Detaches an existing event handler. CComponent
disableBehavior() Disables an attached behavior. CComponent
disableBehaviors() Disables all behaviors attached to this component. CComponent
enableBehavior() Enables an attached behavior. CComponent
enableBehaviors() Enables all behaviors attached to this component. CComponent
events() Declares events and the corresponding event handler methods. CActiveRecordBehavior
getEnabled() CBehavior
getEventHandlers() Returns the list of attached event handlers for an event. CComponent
getOwner() CBehavior
hasEvent() Determines whether an event is defined. CComponent
hasEventHandler() Checks whether the named event has attached handlers. CComponent
hasProperty() Determines whether a property is defined. CComponent
raiseEvent() Raises an event. CComponent
setEnabled() CBehavior

Method Details

afterSave() method
public void afterSave($event)

beforeDelete() method
public void beforeDelete($event)

beforeSave() method
public void beforeSave($event)