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CImageComponent Description of CImageComponent
Core CArray Array helper class.
Image Image Manipulate images using standard methods such as resize, crop, rotate, etc.
Image_Driver Image API driver.
Image_GD_Driver GD Image Driver.
Image_ImageMagick_Driver ImageMagick Image Driver.
application.extensions.flash EJqueryFlash EJqueryFlash is a widget which inserts Flash (swf) objects in a web page. It
pii.behaviors PiiActiveRecordFileUploadBehavior Behavior, handles file uploads
PiiActiveRecordJSONBehavior Behavior, converts arrays into JSON strings
pii.commands ApiCommand Command, creates this documentation
BackupCommand Command, creates database dump
HelpCommand Command, displays help information
InstallCommand Command, installs pii
PiiCommand Command, special pii shell
PiiCrudCommand Command, generates pii CRUD files
pii.core AjaxController Controller, imports actions used in XMLHTTPRequests
DefaultController Controller, handles pii actions
PiiAjaxSearchAction Action, searches models
PiiCrudActionBar Widget displaying custom CRUD navigation
PiiHelper Helper class
PiiMail Class file adapter for mailers
PiiMailer ApplicationComponent PiiMailer is the email class for Pii.
PiiMenu Widget which renders pii's admin menu
PiiModule Base module
pii.core.cell PiiBaseWidget Widget base class, implements ICellManagerWidget
PiiCell Model class
PiiCellController Controller, handles cell actions
PiiCellManager Widget which aggrgates and manages other widgets
PiiCreateInputAction Action for generating forms from class properties or view files
pii.core.file PiiFile Model class
PiiFileAutoComplete Widget which shows an auto-complete input field for PiiFile
PiiFileController Controller, handles file actions
PiiFileImageAction Action, displays rendered images
pii.core.html PiiHtml Model class
PiiHtmlController Controller, handles html actions
PiiHtmlWidget Widget for managing and displaying PiiHtml content PiiActiveRecordInfoBehavior Behavior, manages info attributes for active records
PiiInfo Model class
PiiInfoController Controller, handles info actions
PiiInfoInputWidget Widget for displaying PiiInfo form fields
pii.core.log PiiActiveRecordLogableBehavior Behavior, adds logging to active records
PiiLog Model class
PiiLogController Controller, handles log actions PiiPage Model class
PiiPageController Controller, handles page actions
pii.core.user PiiForgotPassword Model class
PiiUser Model class
PiiUserController Controller, handles user actions
PiiUserIdentity UserIdentity for PiiUser
PiiWebUser WebUser for PiiUser
pii.extensions PiiAutoTheme Widget, includes css and js files from theme directories
PiiCKEditor Widget, wraps ckeditor
PiiMbmenu Widget, wraps mbmenu, a jQuery based drop-down menu
PiiThickbox tbd
PiiTweet Widget, wraps jQuery tweet
pii.i18n PiiLanguageDropDown Widget for changing application language
PiiLanguageManager ApplicationComponent for changing application language
pii.validators PiiArrayValidator CArrayValidator validates that the attribute value is of certain length.
pii.widgets PiiBlogWidget Widget displaying blog posts
PiiMapSearch Widget which displays a Google Maps search
PiiPageMenu Widget which displays all pages in a tree
PiiTestWidget Widget for testing and debugging