Class HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_NonXMLCommonAttributes

InheritanceHTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_NonXMLCommonAttributes » HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule

Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$attr_collections HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_NonXMLCommonAttributes
$content_sets Associative array of content set names to content set additions. HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
$defines_child_def Boolean flag that indicates whether or not getChildDef is implemented. HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
$elements Informally, a list of elements this module changes. HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
$info Associative array of element names to element definitions. HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
$info_attr_transform_post List of HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform to be performed after validation. HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
$info_attr_transform_pre List of HTMLPurifier_AttrTransform to be performed before validation. HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
$info_injector List of HTMLPurifier_Injector to be performed during well-formedness fixing. HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
$info_tag_transform Associative array of deprecated tag name to HTMLPurifier_TagTransform. HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
$name HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule_NonXMLCommonAttributes
$safe Boolean flag whether or not this module is safe. If it is not safe, all of its members are unsafe. Modules are safe by default (this might be slightly dangerous, but it doesn't make much sense to force HTML Purifier, which is based off of safe HTML, to explicitly say, "This is safe," even though there are modules which are "unsafe") HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
addBlankElement() Convenience function that creates a totally blank, non-standalone element. HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
addElement() Convenience function that sets up a new element HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
addElementToContentSet() Convenience function that registers an element to a content set HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
getChildDef() Retrieves a proper HTMLPurifier_ChildDef subclass based on content_model and content_model_type member variables of the HTMLPurifier_ElementDef class. There is a similar function in HTMLPurifier_HTMLDefinition. HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
makeLookup() Convenience function that generates a lookup table with boolean true as value. HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
mergeInAttrIncludes() Convenience function that merges a list of attribute includes into an attribute array. HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
parseContents() Convenience function that transforms single-string contents into separate content model and content model type HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule
setup() Lazy load construction of the module after determining whether or not it's needed, and also when a finalized configuration object is available. HTMLPurifier_HTMLModule

Property Details

$attr_collections public property
public $attr_collections = ['Lang' => ['lang' => 'LanguageCode']]
$name public property
public $name 'NonXMLCommonAttributes'