Interface MOXMAN_ICommandHandler

Implemented byMOXMAN_CorePlugin, MOXMAN_Dropbox_Plugin, MOXMAN_Favorites_Plugin, MOXMAN_GoogleDrive_Plugin, MOXMAN_History_Plugin, MOXMAN_Uploaded_Plugin

Classes implementing this interface can execute commands by name and return the result. This is normally implemented by plugins but can be external classes as well.

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
execute() Executes a specific command by name. MOXMAN_ICommandHandler

Method Details

execute() public abstract method

Executes a specific command by name.

public abstract object execute ( $name, $params )
$name string

Name of the command to execute.

$params object

Object with parameters for the command.

return object

Result object or null if the command wasn't handled.