Class Reference

Class Description
app\assets\AppAsset Configuration for backend client script files
app\commands\AppController Task runner command for development.
app\controllers\SiteController Site controller
app\models\ContactForm ContactForm is the model behind the contact form.
app\modules\admin\Module Class Module
app\modules\admin\assets\AdminAsset Configuration for backend client script files
app\modules\admin\controllers\DefaultController Default backend controller
app\widgets\Alert Alert widget renders a message from session flash. All flash messages are displayed in the sequence they were assigned using setFlash. You can set message as following:
cebe\jssearch\AnalyzerInterface Interface for all Tokenizers.
cebe\jssearch\TokenizerInterface Interface for all Tokenizers.
cebe\jssearch\analyzer\HtmlAnalyzer Analyzer for HTML files
cebe\jssearch\tokenizer\StandardTokenizer StandardTokenizer