Phundament is a Web Application Foundation built upon PHP and Yii Framework 2.0, best for rapidly developing web applications. It follows the 12factor specifications on a very slim codebase.

The goal of Phundament is to provide a rock-solid base for integrating the best tools and plugins for web-application development, while not creating a new framework or another competing standard. Instead, existing tools are pre-configured in a clean and easy way.

Compared to the yii2-app-advanced and yii2-app-basic Phundament introduces a configuration based on environment variables, which gives you a maximum of control over your application setup.



  • yii2-app-basic directory structure
  • minimalistic, environment variables based configuration
  • Docker, docker-compose (aka fig), Vagrant and puPHPet support


  • full responsive Bootstrap 3 theme


  • application backend dashboard (screenshots)
  • user management
  • package browser
  • extended model & crud code generators


  • extended database migration support
  • fully non-interactive deployment to work on PaaS
  • CLI command for application maintenance tasks
  • containerized Yii 2.0 Codeception test-suites


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or a virtualized setup with eg. VirtualBox

  • Docker or boot2docker
  • docker-compose (fig)


  • Vagrant


  • git
  • hg

Directory Structure

yii                 application CLI
assets/             application assets such as JavaScript and CSS
.env, config/       application configuration
controllers/        web-controller classes
commands/           console controller classes
models/             application model classes
modules/            application modules (eg. admin)
migrations/         database migrations
views/              view files for the application
web/                document root with entry-script

composer.json       application packages
vendor/             dependent 3rd-party packages

codeception.yml     test-suite configuration
tests/              various tests for objects that are common among applications

data/               application storage
runtime/            files generated during runtime

Dockerfile          docker image build information
docker-compose.yml  docker container setup

Vagrantfile         Vagrant (docker) container setup
Vagrantfile-dock..  Vagrant (docker) host VM


The Phundament repository contains the following main branches:

  • master (development, unstable)
  • 4.0 (alpha, beta, RC, stable releases)
  • 3.0 (alpha, beta, RC, stable releases)

Special thanks

...go out to qiangxue, samdark, cebe, the yii core-devs, motin, mikehaertl, tonydspaniard, crisu83, thyseus, quexer69, marc7000 and disco-tex77 for their work, feedback and input.

Developed by

diemeisterei GmbH
Immenhofer Stra├če 21
D-70180 Stuttgart


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