Class Reference

Class Description
Composer\Autoload\ClassLoader ClassLoader implements a PSR-0, PSR-4 and classmap class loader.
Diff Diff
Diff_Renderer_Abstract Abstract class for diff renderers in PHP DiffLib.
Diff_SequenceMatcher Sequence matcher for Diff
Dotenv\Dotenv This is the dotenv class.
Dotenv\Exception\ExceptionInterface This is the exception interface.
Dotenv\Exception\InvalidCallbackException This is the invalid callback exception class.
Dotenv\Exception\InvalidFileException This is the invalid file exception class.
Dotenv\Exception\InvalidPathException This is the invalid path exception class.
Dotenv\Exception\ValidationException This is the validation exception class.
Dotenv\Loader This is the loaded class.
Dotenv\Validator This is the validator class.
Github\Api\AbstractApi Abstract class for Api classes.
Github\Api\ApiInterface Api interface.
Github\Api\Authorizations Creating, deleting and listing authorizations.
Github\Api\Deployment Listing, creating and updating deployments.
Github\Api\Enterprise Getting information about a GitHub Enterprise instance.
Github\Api\Gists Creating, editing, deleting and listing gists.
Github\Api\GitData Getting full versions of specific files and trees in your Git repositories.
Github\Api\Issue Listing issues, searching, editing and closing your projects issues.
Github\Api\Markdown Markdown Rendering API.
Github\Api\Meta Getting GitHub service information.
Github\Api\Notification API for accessing Notifications from your Git/Github repositories.
Github\Api\Organization Getting organization information and managing authenticated organization account information.
Github\Api\PullRequest API for accessing Pull Requests from your Git/Github repositories.
Github\Api\RateLimit Get rate limits
Github\Api\Repo Searching repositories, getting repository information and managing repository information for authenticated users.
Github\Api\Search Implement the Search API.
Github\Api\User Searching users, getting user information.
Github\Client Simple yet very cool PHP GitHub client.
Github\Exception\ApiLimitExceedException ApiLimitExceedException.
Github\Exception\BadMethodCallException BadMethodCallException.
Github\Exception\ErrorException ErrorException.
Github\Exception\InvalidArgumentException InvalidArgumentException.
Github\Exception\MissingArgumentException MissingArgumentException.
Github\Exception\RuntimeException RuntimeException.
Github\Exception\ValidationFailedException ValidationFailedException.
Github\HttpClient\Cache\CacheInterface Caches github api responses.
Github\HttpClient\Cache\GaufretteCache Gaufrette Cache.
Github\HttpClient\CachedHttpClient Performs requests on GitHub API using If-Modified-Since headers.
Github\HttpClient\HttpClient Performs requests on GitHub API. API documentation should be self-explanatory.
Github\HttpClient\HttpClientInterface Performs requests on GitHub API. API documentation should be self-explanatory.
Github\ResultPager Pager class for supporting pagination in github classes.
Github\ResultPagerInterface Pager interface.
Guzzle\Batch\AbstractBatchDecorator Abstract decorator used when decorating a BatchInterface
Guzzle\Batch\Batch Default batch implementation used to convert queued items into smaller chunks of batches using a {@see BatchDivisorIterface} and transfers each batch using a {@see BatchTransferInterface}.
Guzzle\Batch\BatchBuilder Builder used to create custom batch objects
Guzzle\Batch\BatchClosureDivisor Divides batches using a callable
Guzzle\Batch\BatchClosureTransfer Batch transfer strategy where transfer logic can be defined via a Closure.
Guzzle\Batch\BatchCommandTransfer Efficiently transfers multiple commands in parallel per client This class is to be used with {@see Guzzle\Batch\BatchInterface}
Guzzle\Batch\BatchDivisorInterface Interface used for dividing a queue of items into an array of batches
Guzzle\Batch\BatchInterface Interface for efficiently transferring items in a queue using batches
Guzzle\Batch\BatchRequestTransfer Batch transfer strategy used to efficiently transfer a batch of requests.
Guzzle\Batch\BatchSizeDivisor Divides batches into smaller batches under a certain size
Guzzle\Batch\BatchTransferInterface Interface used for transferring batches of items
Guzzle\Batch\ExceptionBufferingBatch BatchInterface decorator used to buffer exceptions encountered during a transfer. The exceptions can then later be processed after a batch flush has completed.
Guzzle\Batch\Exception\BatchTransferException Exception thrown during a batch transfer
Guzzle\Batch\FlushingBatch BatchInterface decorator used to add automatic flushing of the queue when the size of the queue reaches a threshold.
Guzzle\Batch\HistoryBatch BatchInterface decorator used to keep a history of items that were added to the batch. You must clear the history manually to remove items from the history.
Guzzle\Batch\NotifyingBatch BatchInterface decorator used to call a method each time flush is called
Guzzle\Cache\AbstractCacheAdapter Abstract cache adapter
Guzzle\Cache\CacheAdapterFactory Generates cache adapters from any number of known cache implementations
Guzzle\Cache\CacheAdapterInterface Interface for cache adapters.
Guzzle\Cache\ClosureCacheAdapter Cache adapter that defers to closures for implementation
Guzzle\Cache\DoctrineCacheAdapter Doctrine 2 cache adapter
Guzzle\Cache\NullCacheAdapter Null cache adapter
Guzzle\Cache\Zf1CacheAdapter Zend Framework 1 cache adapter
Guzzle\Cache\Zf2CacheAdapter Zend Framework 2 cache adapter
Guzzle\Common\AbstractHasDispatcher Class that holds an event dispatcher
Guzzle\Common\Collection Key value pair collection object
Guzzle\Common\Event Default event for Guzzle notifications
Guzzle\Common\Exception\ExceptionCollection Collection of exceptions
Guzzle\Common\Exception\GuzzleException Guzzle exception
Guzzle\Common\FromConfigInterface Interfaces that adds a factory method which is used to instantiate a class from an array of configuration options.
Guzzle\Common\HasDispatcherInterface Holds an event dispatcher
Guzzle\Common\ToArrayInterface An object that can be represented as an array
Guzzle\Common\Version Guzzle version information
Guzzle\Http\AbstractEntityBodyDecorator Abstract decorator used to wrap entity bodies
Guzzle\Http\CachingEntityBody EntityBody decorator that can cache previously read bytes from a sequentially read tstream
Guzzle\Http\Client HTTP client
Guzzle\Http\ClientInterface Client interface for send HTTP requests
Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlHandle Immutable wrapper for a cURL handle
Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlMulti Send {@see RequestInterface} objects in parallel using curl_multi
Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlMultiInterface Interface for sending a pool of {@see RequestInterface} objects in parallel
Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlMultiProxy Proxies requests and connections to a pool of internal curl_multi handles. Each recursive call will add requests to the next available CurlMulti handle.
Guzzle\Http\Curl\CurlVersion Class used for querying curl_version data
Guzzle\Http\Curl\RequestMediator Mediator between curl handles and request objects
Guzzle\Http\EntityBody Entity body used with an HTTP request or response
Guzzle\Http\EntityBodyInterface Entity body used with an HTTP request or response
Guzzle\Http\Exception\BadResponseException Http request exception thrown when a bad response is received
Guzzle\Http\Exception\ClientErrorResponseException Exception when a client error is encountered (4xx codes)
Guzzle\Http\Exception\CurlException CURL request exception
Guzzle\Http\Exception\HttpException Http exception interface
Guzzle\Http\Exception\MultiTransferException Exception encountered during a multi transfer
Guzzle\Http\Exception\RequestException Http request exception
Guzzle\Http\Exception\ServerErrorResponseException Exception when a server error is encountered (5xx codes)
Guzzle\Http\IoEmittingEntityBody EntityBody decorator that emits events for read and write methods
Guzzle\Http\Message\AbstractMessage Abstract HTTP request/response message
Guzzle\Http\Message\EntityEnclosingRequest HTTP request that sends an entity-body in the request message (POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE)
Guzzle\Http\Message\EntityEnclosingRequestInterface HTTP request that sends an entity-body in the request message (POST, PUT)
Guzzle\Http\Message\Header Represents a header and all of the values stored by that header
Guzzle\Http\Message\Header\CacheControl Provides helpful functionality for Cache-Control headers
Guzzle\Http\Message\Header\HeaderCollection Provides a case-insensitive collection of headers
Guzzle\Http\Message\Header\HeaderFactory Default header factory implementation
Guzzle\Http\Message\Header\HeaderFactoryInterface Interface for creating headers
Guzzle\Http\Message\Header\Link Provides helpful functionality for link headers
Guzzle\Http\Message\MessageInterface Request and response message interface
Guzzle\Http\Message\PostFile POST file upload
Guzzle\Http\Message\PostFileInterface POST file upload
Guzzle\Http\Message\Request HTTP request class to send requests
Guzzle\Http\Message\RequestFactory Default HTTP request factory used to create the default {@see Request} and {@see EntityEnclosingRequest} objects.
Guzzle\Http\Message\RequestFactoryInterface Request factory used to create HTTP requests
Guzzle\Http\Message\RequestInterface Generic HTTP request interface
Guzzle\Http\Message\Response Guzzle HTTP response object
Guzzle\Http\Mimetypes Provides mappings of file extensions to mimetypes
Guzzle\Http\QueryAggregator\CommaAggregator Aggregates nested query string variables using commas
Guzzle\Http\QueryAggregator\DuplicateAggregator Does not aggregate nested query string values and allows duplicates in the resulting array
Guzzle\Http\QueryAggregator\PhpAggregator Aggregates nested query string variables using PHP style []
Guzzle\Http\QueryAggregator\QueryAggregatorInterface Interface used for aggregating nested query string variables into a flattened array of key value pairs
Guzzle\Http\QueryString Query string object to handle managing query string parameters and aggregating those parameters together as a string.
Guzzle\Http\ReadLimitEntityBody EntityBody decorator used to return only a subset of an entity body
Guzzle\Http\RedirectPlugin Plugin to implement HTTP redirects. Can redirect like a web browser or using strict RFC 2616 compliance
Guzzle\Http\StaticClient Simplified interface to Guzzle that does not require a class to be instantiated
Guzzle\Http\Url Parses and generates URLs based on URL parts. In favor of performance, URL parts are not validated.
Guzzle\Inflection\Inflector Default inflection implementation
Guzzle\Inflection\InflectorInterface Inflector interface used to convert the casing of words
Guzzle\Inflection\MemoizingInflector Decorator used to add memoization to previously inflected words
Guzzle\Inflection\PreComputedInflector Decorator used to add pre-computed inflection mappings to an inflector
Guzzle\Iterator\AppendIterator AppendIterator that is not affected by
Guzzle\Iterator\ChunkedIterator Pulls out chunks from an inner iterator and yields the chunks as arrays
Guzzle\Iterator\FilterIterator Filters values using a callback
Guzzle\Iterator\MapIterator Maps values before yielding
Guzzle\Iterator\MethodProxyIterator Proxies missing method calls to the innermost iterator
Guzzle\Log\AbstractLogAdapter Adapter class that allows Guzzle to log data using various logging implementations
Guzzle\Log\ArrayLogAdapter Stores all log messages in an array
Guzzle\Log\ClosureLogAdapter Logs messages using Closures. Closures combined with filtering can trigger application events based on log messages.
Guzzle\Log\LogAdapterInterface Adapter class that allows Guzzle to log data to various logging implementations.
Guzzle\Log\MessageFormatter Message formatter used in various places in the framework
Guzzle\Log\PsrLogAdapter PSR-3 log adapter
Guzzle\Log\Zf1LogAdapter Adapts a Zend Framework 1 logger object
Guzzle\Log\Zf2LogAdapter Adapts a Zend Framework 2 logger object
Guzzle\Parser\Cookie\CookieParser Default Guzzle implementation of a Cookie parser
Guzzle\Parser\Cookie\CookieParserInterface Cookie parser interface
Guzzle\Parser\Message\AbstractMessageParser Implements shared message parsing functionality
Guzzle\Parser\Message\MessageParser Default request and response parser used by Guzzle. Optimized for speed.
Guzzle\Parser\Message\MessageParserInterface HTTP message parser interface used to parse HTTP messages into an array
Guzzle\Parser\Message\PeclHttpMessageParser Pecl HTTP message parser
Guzzle\Parser\ParserRegistry Registry of parsers used by the application
Guzzle\Parser\UriTemplate\PeclUriTemplate Expands URI templates using the uri_template pecl extension (pecl install uri_template-beta)
Guzzle\Parser\UriTemplate\UriTemplate Expands URI templates using an array of variables
Guzzle\Parser\UriTemplate\UriTemplateInterface Expands URI templates using an array of variables
Guzzle\Parser\Url\UrlParser Parses URLs into parts using PHP's built-in parse_url() function
Guzzle\Parser\Url\UrlParserInterface URL parser interface
Guzzle\Plugin\Async\AsyncPlugin Sends requests but does not wait for the response
Guzzle\Plugin\Backoff\AbstractBackoffStrategy Abstract backoff strategy that allows for a chain of responsibility
Guzzle\Plugin\Backoff\AbstractErrorCodeBackoffStrategy Strategy used to retry when certain error codes are encountered
Guzzle\Plugin\Backoff\BackoffLogger Logs backoff retries triggered from the BackoffPlugin
Guzzle\Plugin\Backoff\BackoffPlugin Plugin to automatically retry failed HTTP requests using a backoff strategy
Guzzle\Plugin\Backoff\BackoffStrategyInterface Strategy to determine if a request should be retried and how long to delay between retries
Guzzle\Plugin\Backoff\CallbackBackoffStrategy Strategy that will invoke a closure to determine whether or not to retry with a delay
Guzzle\Plugin\Backoff\ConstantBackoffStrategy Will retry the request using the same amount of delay for each retry.
Guzzle\Plugin\Backoff\CurlBackoffStrategy Strategy used to retry when certain cURL error codes are encountered.
Guzzle\Plugin\Backoff\ExponentialBackoffStrategy Implements an exponential backoff retry strategy.
Guzzle\Plugin\Backoff\HttpBackoffStrategy Strategy used to retry HTTP requests based on the response code.
Guzzle\Plugin\Backoff\LinearBackoffStrategy Implements a linear backoff retry strategy.
Guzzle\Plugin\Backoff\ReasonPhraseBackoffStrategy Strategy used to retry HTTP requests when the response's reason phrase matches one of the registered phrases.
Guzzle\Plugin\Backoff\TruncatedBackoffStrategy Strategy that will not retry more than a certain number of times.
Guzzle\Plugin\Cache\CachePlugin Plugin to enable the caching of GET and HEAD requests. Caching can be done on all requests passing through this plugin or only after retrieving resources with cacheable response headers.
Guzzle\Plugin\Cache\CacheStorageInterface Interface used to cache HTTP requests
Guzzle\Plugin\Cache\CallbackCanCacheStrategy Determines if a request can be cached using a callback
Guzzle\Plugin\Cache\CanCacheStrategyInterface Strategy used to determine if a request can be cached
Guzzle\Plugin\Cache\DefaultCacheStorage Default cache storage implementation
Guzzle\Plugin\Cache\DefaultCanCacheStrategy Default strategy used to determine of an HTTP request can be cached
Guzzle\Plugin\Cache\DefaultRevalidation Default revalidation strategy
Guzzle\Plugin\Cache\DenyRevalidation Never performs cache revalidation and just assumes the request is invalid
Guzzle\Plugin\Cache\RevalidationInterface Cache revalidation interface
Guzzle\Plugin\Cache\SkipRevalidation Never performs cache revalidation and just assumes the request is still ok
Guzzle\Plugin\Cookie\Cookie Set-Cookie object
Guzzle\Plugin\Cookie\CookieJar\ArrayCookieJar Cookie cookieJar that stores cookies an an array
Guzzle\Plugin\Cookie\CookieJar\CookieJarInterface Interface for persisting cookies
Guzzle\Plugin\Cookie\CookieJar\FileCookieJar Persists non-session cookies using a JSON formatted file
Guzzle\Plugin\Cookie\CookiePlugin Adds, extracts, and persists cookies between HTTP requests
Guzzle\Plugin\CurlAuth\CurlAuthPlugin Adds specified curl auth to all requests sent from a client. Defaults to CURLAUTH_BASIC if none supplied.
Guzzle\Plugin\ErrorResponse\ErrorResponseExceptionInterface Interface used to create an exception from an error response
Guzzle\Plugin\ErrorResponse\ErrorResponsePlugin Converts generic Guzzle response exceptions into errorResponse exceptions
Guzzle\Plugin\History\HistoryPlugin Maintains a list of requests and responses sent using a request or client
Guzzle\Plugin\Log\LogPlugin Plugin class that will add request and response logging to an HTTP request.
Guzzle\Plugin\Md5\CommandContentMd5Plugin Listener used to add a ContentMD5 header to the body of a command and adds ContentMD5 validation if the ValidateMD5 option is not set to false on a command
Guzzle\Plugin\Md5\Md5ValidatorPlugin Ensures that an the MD5 hash of an entity body matches the Content-MD5 header (if set) of an HTTP response. An exception is thrown if the calculated MD5 does not match the expected MD5.
Guzzle\Plugin\Mock\MockPlugin Queues mock responses or exceptions and delivers mock responses or exceptions in a fifo order.
Guzzle\Plugin\Oauth\OauthPlugin OAuth signing plugin
Guzzle\Service\AbstractConfigLoader Abstract config loader
Guzzle\Service\Builder\ServiceBuilder {@inheritdoc}
Guzzle\Service\Builder\ServiceBuilderInterface Service builder used to store and build clients or arbitrary data. Client configuration data can be supplied to tell the service builder how to create and cache {@see \Guzzle\Service\ClientInterface} objects. Arbitrary data can be supplied and accessed from a service builder. Arbitrary data and other clients can be referenced by name in client configuration arrays to make them input for building other clients (e.g. "{key}").
Guzzle\Service\Builder\ServiceBuilderLoader Service builder config loader
Guzzle\Service\CachingConfigLoader Decorator that adds caching to a service description loader
Guzzle\Service\Client Client object for executing commands on a web service.
Guzzle\Service\ClientInterface Client interface for executing commands on a web service.
Guzzle\Service\Command\AbstractCommand Command object to handle preparing and processing client requests and responses of the requests
Guzzle\Service\Command\ClosureCommand A ClosureCommand is a command that allows dynamic commands to be created at runtime using a closure to prepare the request. A closure key and \Closure value must be passed to the command in the constructor. The closure must accept the command object as an argument.
Guzzle\Service\Command\CommandInterface A command object that contains parameters that can be modified and accessed like an array and turned into an array
Guzzle\Service\Command\CreateResponseClassEvent Event class emitted with the operation.parse_class event
Guzzle\Service\Command\DefaultRequestSerializer Default request serializer that transforms command options and operation parameters into a request
Guzzle\Service\Command\DefaultResponseParser Default HTTP response parser used to marshal JSON responses into arrays and XML responses into SimpleXMLElement
Guzzle\Service\Command\Factory\AliasFactory Command factory used when you need to provide aliases to commands
Guzzle\Service\Command\Factory\CompositeFactory Composite factory used by a client object to create command objects utilizing multiple factories
Guzzle\Service\Command\Factory\ConcreteClassFactory Command factory used to create commands referencing concrete command classes
Guzzle\Service\Command\Factory\FactoryInterface Interface for creating commands by name
Guzzle\Service\Command\Factory\MapFactory Command factory used when explicitly mapping strings to command classes
Guzzle\Service\Command\Factory\ServiceDescriptionFactory Command factory used to create commands based on service descriptions
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Request\BodyVisitor Visitor used to apply a body to a request
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Request\HeaderVisitor Visitor used to apply a parameter to a header value
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Request\JsonVisitor Visitor used to apply a parameter to an array that will be serialized as a top level key-value pair in a JSON body
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Request\PostFieldVisitor Visitor used to apply a parameter to a POST field
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Request\PostFileVisitor Visitor used to apply a parameter to a POST file
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Request\QueryVisitor Visitor used to apply a parameter to a request's query string
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Request\RequestVisitorInterface Location visitor used to add values to different locations in a request with different behaviors as needed
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Request\ResponseBodyVisitor Visitor used to change the location in which a response body is saved
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Request\XmlVisitor Location visitor used to serialize XML bodies
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Response\AbstractResponseVisitor {@inheritdoc}
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Response\BodyVisitor Visitor used to add the body of a response to a particular key
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Response\HeaderVisitor Location visitor used to add a particular header of a response to a key in the result
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Response\JsonVisitor Location visitor used to marshal JSON response data into a formatted array.
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Response\ReasonPhraseVisitor Location visitor used to add the reason phrase of a response to a key in the result
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Response\ResponseVisitorInterface Location visitor used to parse values out of a response into an associative array
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Response\StatusCodeVisitor Location visitor used to add the status code of a response to a key in the result
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\Response\XmlVisitor Location visitor used to marshal XML response data into a formatted array
Guzzle\Service\Command\LocationVisitor\VisitorFlyweight Flyweight factory used to instantiate request and response visitors
Guzzle\Service\Command\OperationCommand A command that creates requests based on {@see Guzzle\Service\Description\OperationInterface} objects, and if the matching operation uses a service description model in the responseClass attribute, then this command will marshal the response into an associative array based on the JSON schema of the model.
Guzzle\Service\Command\OperationResponseParser Response parser that attempts to marshal responses into an associative array based on models in a service description
Guzzle\Service\Command\RequestSerializerInterface Translates command options and operation parameters into a request object
Guzzle\Service\Command\ResponseClassInterface Interface used to accept a completed OperationCommand and parse the result into a specific response type
Guzzle\Service\Command\ResponseParserInterface Parses the HTTP response of a command and sets the appropriate result on a command object
Guzzle\Service\ConfigLoaderInterface Interface used for loading configuration data (service descriptions, service builder configs, etc)
Guzzle\Service\Description\Operation Data object holding the information of an API command
Guzzle\Service\Description\OperationInterface Interface defining data objects that hold the information of an API operation
Guzzle\Service\Description\Parameter API parameter object used with service descriptions
Guzzle\Service\Description\SchemaFormatter JSON Schema formatter class
Guzzle\Service\Description\SchemaValidator Default parameter validator
Guzzle\Service\Description\ServiceDescription A ServiceDescription stores service information based on a service document
Guzzle\Service\Description\ServiceDescriptionInterface A ServiceDescription stores service information based on a service document
Guzzle\Service\Description\ServiceDescriptionLoader Loader for service descriptions
Guzzle\Service\Description\ValidatorInterface Validator responsible for preparing and validating parameters against the parameter's schema
Guzzle\Service\Exception\CommandTransferException Exception thrown when transferring commands in parallel
Guzzle\Service\Exception\InconsistentClientTransferException Command transfer exception when commands do not all use the same client
Guzzle\Service\Resource\AbstractResourceIteratorFactory Abstract resource iterator factory implementation
Guzzle\Service\Resource\CompositeResourceIteratorFactory Factory that utilizes multiple factories for creating iterators
Guzzle\Service\Resource\MapResourceIteratorFactory Resource iterator factory used when explicitly mapping strings to iterator classes
Guzzle\Service\Resource\Model Default model created when commands create service description model responses
Guzzle\Service\Resource\ResourceIteratorApplyBatched Apply a callback to the contents of a {@see ResourceIteratorInterface}
Guzzle\Service\Resource\ResourceIteratorClassFactory Factory for creating {@see ResourceIteratorInterface} objects using a convention of storing iterator classes under a root namespace using the name of a {@see CommandInterface} object as a convention for determining the name of an iterator class. The command name is converted to CamelCase and Iterator is appended (e.g. abc_foo => AbcFoo).
Guzzle\Service\Resource\ResourceIteratorFactoryInterface Factory for creating {@see ResourceIteratorInterface} objects
Guzzle\Service\Resource\ResourceIteratorInterface Iterates over a paginated resource using subsequent requests in order to retrieve the entire matching result set
Guzzle\Stream\PhpStreamRequestFactory Factory used to create fopen streams using PHP's http and https stream wrappers
Guzzle\Stream\Stream PHP stream implementation
Guzzle\Stream\StreamInterface OO interface to PHP streams
Guzzle\Stream\StreamRequestFactoryInterface Interface used for creating streams from requests
Highlight\Autoloader The autoloader class for Highlight classes.
Highlight\JsonRef Class to decode JSON data that contains path-based references.
MikeVanRiel\TextToLatex Converter to transition a piece of text into a valid LaTeX block.
Psr\Log\AbstractLogger This is a simple Logger implementation that other Loggers can inherit from.
Psr\Log\LogLevel Describes log levels.
Psr\Log\LoggerAwareInterface Describes a logger-aware instance.
Psr\Log\LoggerAwareTrait Basic Implementation of LoggerAwareInterface.
Psr\Log\LoggerInterface Describes a logger instance.
Psr\Log\LoggerTrait This is a simple Logger trait that classes unable to extend AbstractLogger (because they extend another class, etc) can include.
Psr\Log\NullLogger This Logger can be used to avoid conditional log calls.
SebastianBergmann\Diff\Differ Diff implementation.
SebastianBergmann\Diff\LCS\LongestCommonSubsequence Interface for implementations of longest common subsequence calculation.
SebastianBergmann\Diff\LCS\MemoryEfficientImplementation Memory-efficient implementation of longest common subsequence calculation.
SebastianBergmann\Diff\LCS\TimeEfficientImplementation Time-efficient implementation of longest common subsequence calculation.
SebastianBergmann\Diff\Parser Unified diff parser.
Swift General utility class in Swift Mailer, not to be instantiated.
Swift_Attachment Attachment class for attaching files to a {@link Swift_Mime_Message}.
Swift_ByteStream_AbstractFilterableInputStream Provides the base functionality for an InputStream supporting filters.
Swift_ByteStream_ArrayByteStream Allows reading and writing of bytes to and from an array.
Swift_ByteStream_FileByteStream Allows reading and writing of bytes to and from a file.
Swift_CharacterReader Analyzes characters for a specific character set.
Swift_CharacterReaderFactory A factory for creating CharacterReaders.
Swift_CharacterReaderFactory_SimpleCharacterReaderFactory Standard factory for creating CharacterReaders.
Swift_CharacterReader_GenericFixedWidthReader Provides fixed-width byte sizes for reading fixed-width character sets.
Swift_CharacterReader_UsAsciiReader Analyzes US-ASCII characters.
Swift_CharacterReader_Utf8Reader Analyzes UTF-8 characters.
Swift_CharacterStream An abstract means of reading and writing data in terms of characters as opposed to bytes.
Swift_CharacterStream_ArrayCharacterStream A CharacterStream implementation which stores characters in an internal array.
Swift_CharacterStream_NgCharacterStream A CharacterStream implementation which stores characters in an internal array.
Swift_ConfigurableSpool Base class for Spools (implements time and message limits).
Swift_DependencyContainer Dependency Injection container.
Swift_DependencyException DependencyException gets thrown when a requested dependency is missing.
Swift_EmbeddedFile An embedded file, in a multipart message.
Swift_Encoder Interface for all Encoder schemes.
Swift_Encoder_Base64Encoder Handles Base 64 Encoding in Swift Mailer.
Swift_Encoder_QpEncoder Handles Quoted Printable (QP) Encoding in Swift Mailer.
Swift_Encoder_Rfc2231Encoder Handles RFC 2231 specified Encoding in Swift Mailer.
Swift_Encoding Provides quick access to each encoding type.
Swift_Events_CommandEvent Generated when a command is sent over an SMTP connection.
Swift_Events_CommandListener Listens for Transports to send commands to the server.
Swift_Events_Event The minimum interface for an Event.
Swift_Events_EventDispatcher Interface for the EventDispatcher which handles the event dispatching layer.
Swift_Events_EventListener An identity interface which all EventListeners must extend.
Swift_Events_EventObject A base Event which all Event classes inherit from.
Swift_Events_ResponseEvent Generated when a response is received on a SMTP connection.
Swift_Events_ResponseListener Listens for responses from a remote SMTP server.
Swift_Events_SendEvent Generated when a message is being sent.
Swift_Events_SendListener Listens for Messages being sent from within the Transport system.
Swift_Events_SimpleEventDispatcher The EventDispatcher which handles the event dispatching layer.
Swift_Events_TransportChangeEvent Generated when the state of a Transport is changed (i.e. stopped/started).
Swift_Events_TransportChangeListener Listens for changes within the Transport system.
Swift_Events_TransportExceptionEvent Generated when a TransportException is thrown from the Transport system.
Swift_Events_TransportExceptionListener Listens for Exceptions thrown from within the Transport system.
Swift_FailoverTransport Contains a list of redundant Transports so when one fails, the next is used.
Swift_FileSpool Stores Messages on the filesystem.
Swift_FileStream An OutputByteStream which specifically reads from a file.
Swift_Filterable Allows StreamFilters to operate on a stream.
Swift_Image An image, embedded in a multipart message.
Swift_InputByteStream An abstract means of writing data.
Swift_IoException I/O Exception class.
Swift_KeyCache Provides a mechanism for storing data using two keys.
Swift_KeyCache_ArrayKeyCache A basic KeyCache backed by an array.
Swift_KeyCache_DiskKeyCache A KeyCache which streams to and from disk.
Swift_KeyCache_KeyCacheInputStream Writes data to a KeyCache using a stream.
Swift_KeyCache_NullKeyCache A null KeyCache that does not cache at all.
Swift_KeyCache_SimpleKeyCacheInputStream Writes data to a KeyCache using a stream.
Swift_LoadBalancedTransport Redundantly and rotationally uses several Transport implementations when sending.
Swift_MailTransport Sends Messages using the mail() function.
Swift_Mailer Swift Mailer class.
Swift_Mailer_ArrayRecipientIterator Wraps a standard PHP array in an iterator.
Swift_Mailer_RecipientIterator Provides an abstract way of specifying recipients for batch sending.
Swift_MemorySpool Stores Messages in memory.
Swift_Message The Message class for building emails.
Swift_MimePart A MIME part, in a multipart message.
Swift_Mime_Attachment An attachment, in a multipart message.
Swift_Mime_CharsetObserver Observes changes in an Mime entity's character set.
Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder Interface for all Transfer Encoding schemes.
Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_Base64ContentEncoder Handles Base 64 Transfer Encoding in Swift Mailer.
Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_NativeQpContentEncoder Handles Quoted Printable (QP) Transfer Encoding in Swift Mailer using the PHP core function.
Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_PlainContentEncoder Handles binary/7/8-bit Transfer Encoding in Swift Mailer.
Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_QpContentEncoder Handles Quoted Printable (QP) Transfer Encoding in Swift Mailer.
Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_QpContentEncoderProxy Proxy for quoted-printable content encoders.
Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_RawContentEncoder Handles raw Transfer Encoding in Swift Mailer.
Swift_Mime_EmbeddedFile An embedded file, in a multipart message.
Swift_Mime_EncodingObserver Observes changes for a Mime entity's ContentEncoder.
Swift_Mime_Grammar Defines the grammar to use for validation, implements the RFC 2822 (and friends) ABNF grammar definitions.
Swift_Mime_Header A MIME Header.
Swift_Mime_HeaderEncoder Interface for all Header Encoding schemes.
Swift_Mime_HeaderEncoder_Base64HeaderEncoder Handles Base64 (B) Header Encoding in Swift Mailer.
Swift_Mime_HeaderEncoder_QpHeaderEncoder Handles Quoted Printable (Q) Header Encoding in Swift Mailer.
Swift_Mime_HeaderFactory Creates MIME headers.
Swift_Mime_HeaderSet A collection of MIME headers.
Swift_Mime_Headers_AbstractHeader An abstract base MIME Header.
Swift_Mime_Headers_DateHeader A Date MIME Header for Swift Mailer.
Swift_Mime_Headers_IdentificationHeader An ID MIME Header for something like Message-ID or Content-ID.
Swift_Mime_Headers_MailboxHeader A Mailbox Address MIME Header for something like From or Sender.
Swift_Mime_Headers_OpenDKIMHeader An OpenDKIM Specific Header using only raw header datas without encoding.
Swift_Mime_Headers_ParameterizedHeader An abstract base MIME Header.
Swift_Mime_Headers_PathHeader A Path Header in Swift Mailer, such a Return-Path.
Swift_Mime_Headers_UnstructuredHeader A Simple MIME Header.
Swift_Mime_Message A Message (RFC 2822) object.
Swift_Mime_MimeEntity A MIME entity, such as an attachment.
Swift_Mime_MimePart A MIME part, in a multipart message.
Swift_Mime_ParameterizedHeader A MIME Header with parameters.
Swift_Mime_SimpleHeaderFactory Creates MIME headers.
Swift_Mime_SimpleHeaderSet A collection of MIME headers.
Swift_Mime_SimpleMessage The default email message class.
Swift_Mime_SimpleMimeEntity A MIME entity, in a multipart message.
Swift_NullTransport Pretends messages have been sent, but just ignores them.
Swift_OutputByteStream An abstract means of reading data.
Swift_Plugins_AntiFloodPlugin Reduces network flooding when sending large amounts of mail.
Swift_Plugins_BandwidthMonitorPlugin Reduces network flooding when sending large amounts of mail.
Swift_Plugins_DecoratorPlugin Allows customization of Messages on-the-fly.
Swift_Plugins_Decorator_Replacements Allows customization of Messages on-the-fly.
Swift_Plugins_ImpersonatePlugin Replaces the sender of a message.
Swift_Plugins_Logger Logs events in the Transport system.
Swift_Plugins_LoggerPlugin Does real time logging of Transport level information.
Swift_Plugins_Loggers_ArrayLogger Logs to an Array backend.
Swift_Plugins_Loggers_EchoLogger Prints all log messages in real time.
Swift_Plugins_MessageLogger Stores all sent emails for further usage.
Swift_Plugins_PopBeforeSmtpPlugin Makes sure a connection to a POP3 host has been established prior to connecting to SMTP.
Swift_Plugins_Pop_Pop3Connection Pop3Connection interface for connecting and disconnecting to a POP3 host.
Swift_Plugins_Pop_Pop3Exception Pop3Exception thrown when an error occurs connecting to a POP3 host.
Swift_Plugins_RedirectingPlugin Redirects all email to a single recipient.
Swift_Plugins_Reporter The Reporter plugin sends pass/fail notification to a Reporter.
Swift_Plugins_ReporterPlugin Does real time reporting of pass/fail for each recipient.
Swift_Plugins_Reporters_HitReporter A reporter which "collects" failures for the Reporter plugin.
Swift_Plugins_Reporters_HtmlReporter A HTML output reporter for the Reporter plugin.
Swift_Plugins_Sleeper Sleeps for a duration of time.
Swift_Plugins_ThrottlerPlugin Throttles the rate at which emails are sent.
Swift_Plugins_Timer Provides timestamp data.
Swift_Preferences Changes some global preference settings in Swift Mailer.
Swift_ReplacementFilterFactory Creates StreamFilters.
Swift_RfcComplianceException RFC Compliance Exception class.
Swift_SendmailTransport SendmailTransport for sending mail through a Sendmail/Postfix (etc.
Swift_SignedMessage Signed Message, message that can be signed using a signer.
Swift_Signer Base Class of Signer Infrastructure.
Swift_Signers_BodySigner Body Signer Interface used to apply Body-Based Signature to a message.
Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner DKIM Signer used to apply DKIM Signature to a message.
Swift_Signers_DomainKeySigner DomainKey Signer used to apply DomainKeys Signature to a message.
Swift_Signers_HeaderSigner Header Signer Interface used to apply Header-Based Signature to a message.
Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner DKIM Signer used to apply DKIM Signature to a message Takes advantage of pecl extension.
Swift_Signers_SMimeSigner MIME Message Signer used to apply S/MIME Signature/Encryption to a message.
Swift_SmtpTransport Sends Messages over SMTP with ESMTP support.
Swift_Spool Interface for spools.
Swift_SpoolTransport Stores Messages in a queue.
Swift_StreamFilter Processes bytes as they pass through a stream and performs filtering.
Swift_StreamFilters_ByteArrayReplacementFilter Processes bytes as they pass through a buffer and replaces sequences in it.
Swift_StreamFilters_StringReplacementFilter Processes bytes as they pass through a buffer and replaces sequences in it.
Swift_StreamFilters_StringReplacementFilterFactory Creates filters for replacing needles in a string buffer.
Swift_SwiftException Base Exception class.
Swift_Transport Sends Messages via an abstract Transport subsystem.
Swift_TransportException TransportException thrown when an error occurs in the Transport subsystem.
Swift_Transport_AbstractSmtpTransport Sends Messages over SMTP.
Swift_Transport_EsmtpHandler An ESMTP handler.
Swift_Transport_EsmtpTransport Sends Messages over SMTP with ESMTP support.
Swift_Transport_Esmtp_AuthHandler An ESMTP handler for AUTH support.
Swift_Transport_Esmtp_Auth_CramMd5Authenticator Handles CRAM-MD5 authentication.
Swift_Transport_Esmtp_Auth_LoginAuthenticator Handles LOGIN authentication.
Swift_Transport_Esmtp_Auth_NTLMAuthenticator Handles NTLM authentication.
Swift_Transport_Esmtp_Auth_PlainAuthenticator Handles PLAIN authentication.
Swift_Transport_Esmtp_Auth_XOAuth2Authenticator Handles XOAUTH2 authentication.
Swift_Transport_Esmtp_Authenticator An Authentication mechanism.
Swift_Transport_FailoverTransport Contains a list of redundant Transports so when one fails, the next is used.
Swift_Transport_IoBuffer Buffers input and output to a resource.
Swift_Transport_LoadBalancedTransport Redundantly and rotationally uses several Transports when sending.
Swift_Transport_MailInvoker This interface intercepts calls to the mail() function.
Swift_Transport_MailTransport Sends Messages using the mail() function.
Swift_Transport_NullTransport Pretends messages have been sent, but just ignores them.
Swift_Transport_SendmailTransport SendmailTransport for sending mail through a Sendmail/Postfix (etc.
Swift_Transport_SimpleMailInvoker This is the implementation class for {@link Swift_Transport_MailInvoker}.
Swift_Transport_SmtpAgent Wraps an IoBuffer to send/receive SMTP commands/responses.
Swift_Transport_SpoolTransport Stores Messages in a queue.
Swift_Transport_StreamBuffer A generic IoBuffer implementation supporting remote sockets and local processes.
Swift_Validate Utility Class allowing users to simply check expressions again Swift Grammar.
Symfony\Component\Console\Application An Application is the container for a collection of commands.
Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command Base class for all commands.
Symfony\Component\Console\Command\HelpCommand HelpCommand displays the help for a given command.
Symfony\Component\Console\Command\ListCommand ListCommand displays the list of all available commands for the application.
Symfony\Component\Console\ConsoleEvents Contains all events dispatched by an Application.
Symfony\Component\Console\Descriptor\DescriptorInterface Descriptor interface.
Symfony\Component\Console\Descriptor\JsonDescriptor JSON descriptor.
Symfony\Component\Console\Descriptor\MarkdownDescriptor Markdown descriptor.
Symfony\Component\Console\Descriptor\TextDescriptor Text descriptor.
Symfony\Component\Console\Descriptor\XmlDescriptor XML descriptor.
Symfony\Component\Console\Event\ConsoleCommandEvent Allows to do things before the command is executed, like skipping the command or changing the input.
Symfony\Component\Console\Event\ConsoleEvent Allows to inspect input and output of a command.
Symfony\Component\Console\Event\ConsoleExceptionEvent Allows to handle exception thrown in a command.
Symfony\Component\Console\Event\ConsoleTerminateEvent Allows to manipulate the exit code of a command after its execution.
Symfony\Component\Console\Exception\CommandNotFoundException Represents an incorrect command name typed in the console.
Symfony\Component\Console\Exception\ExceptionInterface ExceptionInterface.
Symfony\Component\Console\Exception\InvalidOptionException Represents an incorrect option name typed in the console.
Symfony\Component\Console\Formatter\OutputFormatter Formatter class for console output.
Symfony\Component\Console\Formatter\OutputFormatterInterface Formatter interface for console output.
Symfony\Component\Console\Formatter\OutputFormatterStyle Formatter style class for defining styles.
Symfony\Component\Console\Formatter\OutputFormatterStyleInterface Formatter style interface for defining styles.
Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\DebugFormatterHelper Helps outputting debug information when running an external program from a command.
Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\DescriptorHelper This class adds helper method to describe objects in various formats.
Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\FormatterHelper The Formatter class provides helpers to format messages.
Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\Helper Helper is the base class for all helper classes.
Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\HelperInterface HelperInterface is the interface all helpers must implement.
Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\HelperSet HelperSet represents a set of helpers to be used with a command.
Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\InputAwareHelper An implementation of InputAwareInterface for Helpers.
Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\ProcessHelper The ProcessHelper class provides helpers to run external processes.
Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\ProgressBar The ProgressBar provides helpers to display progress output.
Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\QuestionHelper The QuestionHelper class provides helpers to interact with the user.
Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\SymfonyQuestionHelper Symfony Style Guide compliant question helper.
Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\Table Provides helpers to display a table.
Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\TableSeparator Marks a row as being a separator.
Symfony\Component\Console\Helper\TableStyle Defines the styles for a Table.
Symfony\Component\Console\Input\ArgvInput ArgvInput represents an input coming from the CLI arguments.
Symfony\Component\Console\Input\ArrayInput ArrayInput represents an input provided as an array.
Symfony\Component\Console\Input\Input Input is the base class for all concrete Input classes.
Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputArgument Represents a command line argument.
Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputAwareInterface InputAwareInterface should be implemented by classes that depends on the Console Input.
Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputDefinition A InputDefinition represents a set of valid command line arguments and options.
Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputInterface InputInterface is the interface implemented by all input classes.
Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputOption Represents a command line option.
Symfony\Component\Console\Input\StringInput StringInput represents an input provided as a string.
Symfony\Component\Console\Logger\ConsoleLogger PSR-3 compliant console logger.
Symfony\Component\Console\Output\ConsoleOutput ConsoleOutput is the default class for all CLI output. It uses STDOUT and STDERR.
Symfony\Component\Console\Output\ConsoleOutputInterface ConsoleOutputInterface is the interface implemented by ConsoleOutput class.
Symfony\Component\Console\Output\NullOutput NullOutput suppresses all output.
Symfony\Component\Console\Output\Output Base class for output classes.
Symfony\Component\Console\Output\OutputInterface OutputInterface is the interface implemented by all Output classes.
Symfony\Component\Console\Output\StreamOutput StreamOutput writes the output to a given stream.
Symfony\Component\Console\Question\ChoiceQuestion Represents a choice question.
Symfony\Component\Console\Question\ConfirmationQuestion Represents a yes/no question.
Symfony\Component\Console\Question\Question Represents a Question.
Symfony\Component\Console\Style\OutputStyle Decorates output to add console style guide helpers.
Symfony\Component\Console\Style\StyleInterface Output style helpers.
Symfony\Component\Console\Style\SymfonyStyle Output decorator helpers for the Symfony Style Guide.
Symfony\Component\Console\Tester\ApplicationTester Eases the testing of console applications.
Symfony\Component\Console\Tester\CommandTester Eases the testing of console commands.
Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\ContainerAwareEventDispatcher Lazily loads listeners and subscribers from the dependency injection container.
Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\Debug\TraceableEventDispatcher Collects some data about event listeners.
Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\DependencyInjection\RegisterListenersPass Compiler pass to register tagged services for an event dispatcher.
Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\Event Event is the base class for classes containing event data.
Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\EventDispatcher The EventDispatcherInterface is the central point of Symfony's event listener system.
Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\EventDispatcherInterface The EventDispatcherInterface is the central point of Symfony's event listener system.
Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\EventSubscriberInterface An EventSubscriber knows himself what events he is interested in.
Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\GenericEvent Event encapsulation class.
Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\ImmutableEventDispatcher A read-only proxy for an event dispatcher.
Symfony\Component\Filesystem\Exception\ExceptionInterface Exception interface for all exceptions thrown by the component.
Symfony\Component\Filesystem\Exception\FileNotFoundException Exception class thrown when a file couldn't be found.
Symfony\Component\Filesystem\Exception\IOException Exception class thrown when a filesystem operation failure happens.
Symfony\Component\Filesystem\Exception\IOExceptionInterface IOException interface for file and input/output stream related exceptions thrown by the component.
Symfony\Component\Filesystem\Filesystem Provides basic utility to manipulate the file system.
Symfony\Component\Filesystem\LockHandler LockHandler class provides a simple abstraction to lock anything by means of a file lock.
Symfony\Component\Finder\Comparator\Comparator Comparator.
Symfony\Component\Finder\Comparator\DateComparator DateCompare compiles date comparisons.
Symfony\Component\Finder\Comparator\NumberComparator NumberComparator compiles a simple comparison to an anonymous subroutine, which you can call with a value to be tested again.
Symfony\Component\Finder\Finder Finder allows to build rules to find files and directories.
Symfony\Component\Finder\Glob Glob matches globbing patterns against text.
Symfony\Component\Finder\Iterator\CustomFilterIterator CustomFilterIterator filters files by applying anonymous functions.
Symfony\Component\Finder\Iterator\DateRangeFilterIterator DateRangeFilterIterator filters out files that are not in the given date range (last modified dates).
Symfony\Component\Finder\Iterator\DepthRangeFilterIterator DepthRangeFilterIterator limits the directory depth.
Symfony\Component\Finder\Iterator\ExcludeDirectoryFilterIterator ExcludeDirectoryFilterIterator filters out directories.
Symfony\Component\Finder\Iterator\FileTypeFilterIterator FileTypeFilterIterator only keeps files, directories, or both.
Symfony\Component\Finder\Iterator\FilecontentFilterIterator FilecontentFilterIterator filters files by their contents using patterns (regexps or strings).
Symfony\Component\Finder\Iterator\FilenameFilterIterator FilenameFilterIterator filters files by patterns (a regexp, a glob, or a string).
Symfony\Component\Finder\Iterator\FilterIterator This iterator just overrides the rewind method in order to correct a PHP bug, which existed before version 5.5.23/5.6.7.
Symfony\Component\Finder\Iterator\MultiplePcreFilterIterator MultiplePcreFilterIterator filters files using patterns (regexps, globs or strings).
Symfony\Component\Finder\Iterator\PathFilterIterator PathFilterIterator filters files by path patterns (e.g. some/special/dir).
Symfony\Component\Finder\Iterator\RecursiveDirectoryIterator Extends the \RecursiveDirectoryIterator to support relative paths.
Symfony\Component\Finder\Iterator\SizeRangeFilterIterator SizeRangeFilterIterator filters out files that are not in the given size range.
Symfony\Component\Finder\Iterator\SortableIterator SortableIterator applies a sort on a given Iterator.
Symfony\Component\Finder\SplFileInfo Extends \SplFileInfo to support relative paths.
Symfony\Component\Process\Exception\ExceptionInterface Marker Interface for the Process Component.
Symfony\Component\Process\Exception\InvalidArgumentException InvalidArgumentException for the Process Component.
Symfony\Component\Process\Exception\LogicException LogicException for the Process Component.
Symfony\Component\Process\Exception\ProcessFailedException Exception for failed processes.
Symfony\Component\Process\Exception\ProcessTimedOutException Exception that is thrown when a process times out.
Symfony\Component\Process\Exception\RuntimeException RuntimeException for the Process Component.
Symfony\Component\Process\ExecutableFinder Generic executable finder.
Symfony\Component\Process\InputStream Provides a way to continuously write to the input of a Process until the InputStream is closed.
Symfony\Component\Process\PhpExecutableFinder An executable finder specifically designed for the PHP executable.
Symfony\Component\Process\PhpProcess PhpProcess runs a PHP script in an independent process.
Symfony\Component\Process\Pipes\PipesInterface PipesInterface manages descriptors and pipes for the use of proc_open.
Symfony\Component\Process\Pipes\UnixPipes UnixPipes implementation uses unix pipes as handles.
Symfony\Component\Process\Pipes\WindowsPipes WindowsPipes implementation uses temporary files as handles.
Symfony\Component\Process\Process Process is a thin wrapper around proc_* functions to easily start independent PHP processes.
Symfony\Component\Process\ProcessBuilder Process builder.
Symfony\Component\Process\ProcessUtils ProcessUtils is a bunch of utility methods.
Symfony\Component\Stopwatch\Section Stopwatch section.
Symfony\Component\Stopwatch\Stopwatch Stopwatch provides a way to profile code.
Symfony\Component\Stopwatch\StopwatchEvent Represents an Event managed by Stopwatch.
Symfony\Component\Stopwatch\StopwatchPeriod Represents an Period for an Event.
Symfony\Polyfill\Mbstring\Mbstring Partial mbstring implementation in PHP, iconv based, UTF-8 centric.
Twig_Autoloader Autoloads Twig classes.
Twig_BaseNodeVisitor Twig_BaseNodeVisitor can be used to make node visitors compatible with Twig 1.x and 2.x.
Twig_CacheInterface Interface implemented by cache classes.
Twig_Cache_Filesystem Implements a cache on the filesystem.
Twig_Cache_Null Implements a no-cache strategy.
Twig_Compiler Compiles a node to PHP code.
Twig_CompilerInterface Interface implemented by compiler classes.
Twig_Environment Stores the Twig configuration.
Twig_Error Twig base exception.
Twig_Error_Loader Exception thrown when an error occurs during template loading.
Twig_Error_Runtime Exception thrown when an error occurs at runtime.
Twig_Error_Syntax Exception thrown when a syntax error occurs during lexing or parsing of a template.
Twig_ExistsLoaderInterface Adds an exists() method for loaders.
Twig_ExpressionParser Parses expressions.
Twig_ExtensionInterface Interface implemented by extension classes.
Twig_Extension_GlobalsInterface Enables usage of the deprecated Twig_Extension::getGlobals() method.
Twig_Extension_InitRuntimeInterface Enables usage of the deprecated Twig_Extension::initRuntime() method.
Twig_Extension_Staging Internal class.
Twig_FileExtensionEscapingStrategy Default autoescaping strategy based on file names.
Twig_Filter Represents a template filter.
Twig_FilterCallableInterface Represents a callable template filter.
Twig_FilterInterface Represents a template filter.
Twig_Filter_Function Represents a function template filter.
Twig_Filter_Method Represents a method template filter.
Twig_Filter_Node Represents a template filter as a node.
Twig_Function Represents a template function.
Twig_FunctionCallableInterface Represents a callable template function.
Twig_FunctionInterface Represents a template function.
Twig_Function_Function Represents a function template function.
Twig_Function_Method Represents a method template function.
Twig_Function_Node Represents a template function as a node.
Twig_Lexer Lexes a template string.
Twig_LexerInterface Interface implemented by lexer classes.
Twig_LoaderInterface Interface all loaders must implement.
Twig_Loader_Array Loads a template from an array.
Twig_Loader_Chain Loads templates from other loaders.
Twig_Loader_Filesystem Loads template from the filesystem.
Twig_Loader_String Loads a template from a string.
Twig_Markup Marks a content as safe.
Twig_Node Represents a node in the AST.
Twig_NodeInterface Represents a node in the AST.
Twig_NodeOutputInterface Represents a displayable node in the AST.
Twig_NodeTraverser Twig_NodeTraverser is a node traverser.
Twig_NodeVisitorInterface Twig_NodeVisitorInterface is the interface the all node visitor classes must implement.
Twig_NodeVisitor_Escaper Twig_NodeVisitor_Escaper implements output escaping.
Twig_NodeVisitor_Optimizer Twig_NodeVisitor_Optimizer tries to optimizes the AST.
Twig_NodeVisitor_Sandbox Twig_NodeVisitor_Sandbox implements sandboxing.
Twig_Node_AutoEscape Represents an autoescape node.
Twig_Node_Block Represents a block node.
Twig_Node_BlockReference Represents a block call node.
Twig_Node_Body Represents a body node.
Twig_Node_Do Represents a do node.
Twig_Node_Embed Represents an embed node.
Twig_Node_Expression Abstract class for all nodes that represents an expression.
Twig_Node_Expression_BlockReference Represents a block call node.
Twig_Node_Expression_ExtensionReference Represents an extension call node.
Twig_Node_Expression_Filter_Default Returns the value or the default value when it is undefined or empty.
Twig_Node_Expression_Parent Represents a parent node.
Twig_Node_Flush Represents a flush node.
Twig_Node_For Represents a for node.
Twig_Node_ForLoop Internal node used by the for node.
Twig_Node_If Represents an if node.
Twig_Node_Import Represents an import node.
Twig_Node_Include Represents an include node.
Twig_Node_Macro Represents a macro node.
Twig_Node_Module Represents a module node.
Twig_Node_Print Represents a node that outputs an expression.
Twig_Node_Sandbox Represents a sandbox node.
Twig_Node_SandboxedPrint Twig_Node_SandboxedPrint adds a check for the __toString() method when the variable is an object and the sandbox is activated.
Twig_Node_Set Represents a set node.
Twig_Node_Spaceless Represents a spaceless node.
Twig_Node_Text Represents a text node.
Twig_Parser Default parser implementation.
Twig_ParserInterface Interface implemented by parser classes.
Twig_Profiler_Node_EnterProfile Represents a profile enter node.
Twig_Profiler_Node_LeaveProfile Represents a profile leave node.
Twig_Sandbox_SecurityError Exception thrown when a security error occurs at runtime.
Twig_Sandbox_SecurityNotAllowedFilterError Exception thrown when a not allowed filter is used in a template.
Twig_Sandbox_SecurityNotAllowedFunctionError Exception thrown when a not allowed function is used in a template.
Twig_Sandbox_SecurityNotAllowedTagError Exception thrown when a not allowed tag is used in a template.
Twig_Sandbox_SecurityPolicy Represents a security policy which need to be enforced when sandbox mode is enabled.
Twig_Sandbox_SecurityPolicyInterface Interfaces that all security policy classes must implements.
Twig_SimpleFilter Represents a template filter.
Twig_SimpleFunction Represents a template function.
Twig_SimpleTest Represents a template test.
Twig_Template Default base class for compiled templates.
Twig_TemplateInterface Interface implemented by all compiled templates.
Twig_Test Represents a template test.
Twig_TestCallableInterface Represents a callable template test.
Twig_TestInterface Represents a template test.
Twig_Token Represents a Token.
Twig_TokenParser Base class for all token parsers.
Twig_TokenParserBroker Default implementation of a token parser broker.
Twig_TokenParserBrokerInterface Interface implemented by token parser brokers.
Twig_TokenParserInterface Interface implemented by token parsers.
Twig_TokenParser_AutoEscape Marks a section of a template to be escaped or not.
Twig_TokenParser_Block Marks a section of a template as being reusable.
Twig_TokenParser_Do Evaluates an expression, discarding the returned value.
Twig_TokenParser_Embed Embeds a template.
Twig_TokenParser_Extends Extends a template by another one.
Twig_TokenParser_Filter Filters a section of a template by applying filters.
Twig_TokenParser_Flush Flushes the output to the client.
Twig_TokenParser_For Loops over each item of a sequence.
Twig_TokenParser_From Imports macros.
Twig_TokenParser_If Tests a condition.
Twig_TokenParser_Import Imports macros.
Twig_TokenParser_Include Includes a template.
Twig_TokenParser_Macro Defines a macro.
Twig_TokenParser_Sandbox Marks a section of a template as untrusted code that must be evaluated in the sandbox mode.
Twig_TokenParser_Set Defines a variable.
Twig_TokenParser_Spaceless Remove whitespaces between HTML tags.
Twig_TokenParser_Use Imports blocks defined in another template into the current template.
Twig_TokenStream Represents a token stream.
app\assets\AppAsset Configuration for backend client script files.
app\controllers\ErrorController Site controller.
app\controllers\SiteController Site controller.
beowulfenator\JsonEditor\JsonEditorWidget Yii2 wrapper widget for jdorn/json-editor.
cebe\gravatar\Gravatar Displays a gravatar image tag.
cebe\jssearch\AnalyzerInterface Interface for all Tokenizers.
cebe\jssearch\TokenizerInterface Interface for all Tokenizers.
cebe\jssearch\analyzer\HtmlAnalyzer Analyzer for HTML files
cebe\jssearch\tokenizer\StandardTokenizer StandardTokenizer
cebe\markdown\GithubMarkdown Markdown parser for github flavored markdown.
cebe\markdown\Markdown Markdown parser for the initial markdown spec.
cebe\markdown\MarkdownExtra Markdown parser for the markdown extra flavor.
cebe\markdown\Parser A generic parser for markdown-like languages.
cebe\markdown\block\CodeTrait Adds the 4 space indented code blocks
cebe\markdown\block\FencedCodeTrait Adds the fenced code blocks
cebe\markdown\block\HeadlineTrait Adds the headline blocks
cebe\markdown\block\HtmlTrait Adds inline and block HTML support
cebe\markdown\block\ListTrait Adds the list blocks
cebe\markdown\block\QuoteTrait Adds the block quote elements
cebe\markdown\block\RuleTrait Adds horizontal rules
cebe\markdown\block\TableTrait Adds the table blocks
cebe\markdown\inline\CodeTrait Adds inline code elements
cebe\markdown\inline\EmphStrongTrait Adds inline emphasizes and strong elements
cebe\markdown\inline\LinkTrait Addes links and images as well as url markers.
cebe\markdown\inline\StrikeoutTrait Adds strikeout inline elements
cebe\markdown\inline\UrlLinkTrait Adds auto linking for URLs
cebe\markdown\latex\GithubMarkdown Markdown parser for github flavored markdown.
cebe\markdown\latex\Markdown Markdown parser for the initial markdown spec.
codemix\localeurls\UrlManager UrlManager
codemix\streamlog\Target A log target for streams in URL format.
creocoder\nestedsets\NestedSetsBehavior NestedSetsBehavior
creocoder\nestedsets\NestedSetsQueryBehavior NestedSetsQueryBehavior
dektrium\rbac\Bootstrap Bootstrap class registers translations and needed application components.
dektrium\rbac\components\DbManager This Auth manager changes visibility and signature of some methods from \yii\rbac\DbManager.
dektrium\rbac\widgets\Assignments This widget may be used in user update form and provides ability to assign multiple auth items to the user.
dektrium\user\Bootstrap Bootstrap class registers module and user application component. It also creates some url rules which will be applied when UrlManager.enablePrettyUrl is enabled.
dektrium\user\Finder Finder provides some useful methods for finding active record models.
dektrium\user\Mailer Mailer.
dektrium\user\Module This is the main module class for the Yii2-user.
dektrium\user\clients\ClientInterface Enhances default yii client interface by adding methods that can be used to get user's email and username.
dektrium\user\commands\ConfirmController Confirms a user.
dektrium\user\commands\CreateController Creates new user account.
dektrium\user\commands\DeleteController Deletes a user.
dektrium\user\commands\PasswordController Updates user's password.
dektrium\user\controllers\AdminController AdminController allows you to administrate users.
dektrium\user\controllers\ProfileController ProfileController shows users profiles.
dektrium\user\controllers\RecoveryController RecoveryController manages password recovery process.
dektrium\user\controllers\RegistrationController RegistrationController is responsible for all registration process, which includes registration of a new account, resending confirmation tokens, email confirmation and registration via social networks.
dektrium\user\controllers\SecurityController Controller that manages user authentication process.
dektrium\user\controllers\SettingsController SettingsController manages updating user settings (e.g. profile, email and password).
dektrium\user\filters\AccessRule Access rule class for simpler RBAC.
dektrium\user\filters\BackendFilter BackendFilter is used to allow access only to admin and security controller in frontend when using Yii2-user with Yii2 advanced template.
dektrium\user\filters\FrontendFilter FrontendFilter is used to restrict access to admin controller in frontend when using Yii2-user with Yii2 advanced template.
dektrium\user\helpers\Password Password helper.
dektrium\user\helpers\Timezone Password helper.
dektrium\user\models\LoginForm LoginForm get user's login and password, validates them and logs the user in. If user has been blocked, it adds an error to login form.
dektrium\user\models\Profile This is the model class for table "profile".
dektrium\user\models\RecoveryForm Model for collecting data on password recovery.
dektrium\user\models\RegistrationForm Registration form collects user input on registration process, validates it and creates new User model.
dektrium\user\models\ResendForm ResendForm gets user email address and if user with given email is registered it sends new confirmation message to him in case he did not validate his email.
dektrium\user\models\SettingsForm SettingsForm gets user's username, email and password and changes them.
dektrium\user\models\Token Token Active Record model.
dektrium\user\models\User User ActiveRecord model.
dektrium\user\models\UserSearch UserSearch represents the model behind the search form about User.
dektrium\user\traits\ModuleTrait Trait ModuleTrait
dektrium\user\widgets\Login Login for widget.
dmstr\console\controllers\MigrateController Manages application and extension migrations (dmstr/yii2-migrate-command).
dmstr\console\controllers\MysqlController MySQL database maintenance command.
dmstr\db\behaviors\HydratedAttributes Class CouchDocument
dmstr\db\mysql\FileMigration Class MysqlFileMigration
dmstr\db\traits\ActiveRecordAccessTrait Trait ActiveRecordAccessTrait
dmstr\helpers\Html Class Html.
dmstr\helpers\Metadata Provides extended application information.
dmstr\helpers\RouteAccess Class RouteAccess.
dmstr\modules\backend\Module Class Module.
dmstr\modules\backend\assets\BackendAsset Configuration for backend client script files.
dmstr\modules\backend\controllers\DefaultController Default backend controller.
dmstr\modules\pages\Bootstrap Class Bootstrap
dmstr\modules\pages\Module Class Module.
dmstr\modules\pages\controllers\DefaultController Class DefaultController.
dmstr\modules\pages\controllers\TestController Class TestController.
dmstr\modules\pages\controllers\api\DefaultController This is the class for REST controller "DefaultController".
dmstr\modules\pages\models\Tree This is the tree model class, extended from \kartik\tree\models\Tree.
dmstr\modules\prototype\controllers\HtmlController This is the class for controller "HtmlController".
dmstr\modules\prototype\controllers\LessController This is the class for controller "LessController".
dmstr\modules\prototype\controllers\TwigController This is the class for controller "TwigController".
dmstr\modules\prototype\controllers\base\HtmlController HtmlController implements the CRUD actions for Html model.
dmstr\modules\prototype\controllers\base\LessController LessController implements the CRUD actions for Less model.
dmstr\modules\prototype\controllers\base\TwigController TwigController implements the CRUD actions for Twig model.
dmstr\modules\prototype\models\Html This is the model class for table "app_html".
dmstr\modules\prototype\models\Less This is the model class for table "app_less".
dmstr\modules\prototype\models\Twig This is the model class for table "app_twig".
dmstr\modules\prototype\models\base\Html This is the base-model class for table "app_html".
dmstr\modules\prototype\models\base\Less This is the base-model class for table "app_less".
dmstr\modules\prototype\models\base\Twig This is the base-model class for table "app_twig".
dmstr\modules\prototype\models\query\HtmlQuery This is the ActiveQuery class for dmstr\modules\prototype\models\Html.
dmstr\modules\prototype\models\query\LessQuery This is the ActiveQuery class for dmstr\modules\prototype\models\Less.
dmstr\modules\prototype\models\query\Twig Twig represents the model behind the search form about dmstr\modules\prototype\models\Twig.
dmstr\modules\prototype\models\query\TwigQuery This is the ActiveQuery class for dmstr\modules\prototype\models\Twig.
dmstr\modules\prototype\models\search\Html Html represents the model behind the search form about dmstr\modules\prototype\models\Html.
dmstr\modules\prototype\models\search\Less Less represents the model behind the search form about dmstr\modules\prototype\models\Less.
dmstr\web\AdminLteAsset AdminLte AssetBundle
dmstr\web\AssetBundle Configuration for backend client script files.
dmstr\web\EmojifyJsAsset This is just an example.
dmstr\web\User Class User.
dmstr\web\traits\AccessBehaviorTrait Trait to be attached to a yii\base\Module or yii\web\Controller
dmstr\widgets\Alert Alert widget renders a message from session flash for AdminLTE alerts. All flash messages are displayed in the sequence they were assigned using setFlash. You can set message as following:
dmstr\widgets\Menu Class Menu Theme menu widget.
dosamigos\ckeditor\CKEditor CKEditor renders a CKEditor js plugin for classic editing.
dosamigos\ckeditor\CKEditorAsset CKEditorAsset
dosamigos\ckeditor\CKEditorInline CKEditorInline renders a CKEditor js plugin for inline editing.
dosamigos\ckeditor\CKEditorTrait CKEditorTrait has common methods for both CKEditor and CKEditorInline widgets.
dosamigos\ckeditor\CKEditorWidgetAsset CKEditorWidgetAsset
insolita\wgadminlte\Alert This is just an example.
insolita\wgadminlte\Box This is just an example.
insolita\wgadminlte\Callout This is just an example.
insolita\wgadminlte\ExampleTimelineItem It`s Example Customization TimelineItem Object
insolita\wgadminlte\FlashAlerts Flash messages with AdminLte style and support multiple flash similar style
insolita\wgadminlte\InfoBox InfoBox for AdminLte
insolita\wgadminlte\SmallBox SmallBox for AdminLte
insolita\wgadminlte\Tile This is just an example.
insolita\wgadminlte\Timeline This is just an example.
kartik\base\AnimateAsset Asset bundle for loading animations.
kartik\base\AssetBundle Base asset bundle used for all Krajee extensions.
kartik\base\Config Global configuration helper class for Krajee extensions.
kartik\base\Html5Input Html5Input widget is a widget encapsulating the HTML 5 inputs.
kartik\base\Html5InputAsset Asset bundle for the kartik\base\Html5Input widget.
kartik\base\InputWidget InputWidget is the base class for widgets extending the \yii\widgets\InputWidget that collect user inputs in all Krajee input extensions.
kartik\base\Module Base module class for Krajee extensions
kartik\base\PluginAssetBundle Base asset bundle for Krajee extensions (including bootstrap plugins)
kartik\base\TranslationTrait TranslationTrait manages methods for all translations used in Krajee extensions
kartik\base\Widget Base class for widgets extending \yii\base\Widget used in Krajee extensions.
kartik\base\WidgetAsset Common base widget asset bundle for all Krajee widgets
kartik\base\WidgetTrait WidgetTrait manages all methods used by Krajee widgets and input widgets.
kartik\form\ActiveField Extends the ActiveField component to handle various bootstrap form types and handle input groups.
kartik\form\ActiveForm Extends the ActiveForm widget to handle various bootstrap form types.
kartik\form\ActiveFormAsset Asset bundle for ActiveForm Widget
kartik\select2\Select2 Select2 widget is a Yii2 wrapper for the Select2 jQuery plugin. This input widget is a jQuery based replacement for select boxes. It supports searching, remote data sets, and infinite scrolling of results. The widget is specially styled for Bootstrap 3.
kartik\select2\Select2Asset Asset bundle for Select2 Widget
kartik\select2\ThemeBootstrapAsset Bootstrap Select2 theme
kartik\select2\ThemeClassicAsset Classic Select2 theme
kartik\select2\ThemeDefaultAsset Default Select2 theme
kartik\select2\ThemeKrajeeAsset Krajee Select2 theme
kartik\tree\Module The tree management module for Yii Framework 2.0.
kartik\tree\TreeView An enhanced tree view widget for Yii Framework 2 that allows management and manipulation of hierarchical data using nested sets.
kartik\tree\TreeViewAsset Asset bundle for TreeView widget.
kartik\tree\TreeViewInput An input widget that extends kartik\tree\TreeView, and allows one to select records from the tree.
kartik\tree\TreeViewInputAsset Asset bundle for TreeViewInput widget.
kartik\tree\models\Tree This is the base model class for the nested set tree structure
kartik\tree\models\TreeQuery This is the base query class for the nested set tree
kartik\tree\models\TreeTrait Trait that must be used by the Tree model
lajax\translatemanager\Component Initialisation of the front end interactive translation tool.
lajax\translatemanager\Module This is the main module class for the TranslateManager module.
lajax\translatemanager\behaviors\TranslateBehavior TranslateManager Database translate behavior.
lajax\translatemanager\bundles\FrontendTranslationAsset FrontendTranslation asset bundle
lajax\translatemanager\bundles\FrontendTranslationPluginAsset FrontendTranslation Plugin asset bundle
lajax\translatemanager\bundles\LanguageAsset Language asset bundle
lajax\translatemanager\bundles\LanguageItemPluginAsset LanguageItem Plugin asset bundle
lajax\translatemanager\bundles\LanguagePluginAsset Language Plugin asset bundle
lajax\translatemanager\bundles\ScanPluginAsset Scan Plugin asset bundle
lajax\translatemanager\bundles\TranslateAsset Translation asset bundle
lajax\translatemanager\bundles\TranslateManagerAsset TranslateManager asset bundle
lajax\translatemanager\bundles\TranslatePluginAsset Trasnslation Plugin asset bundle
lajax\translatemanager\bundles\TranslationPluginAsset Translation Plugin asset bundle
lajax\translatemanager\commands\TranslatemanagerController Command for scanning and optimizing project translations
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\LanguageController Controller for managing multilinguality.
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\actions\ChangeStatusAction Class that modifies the state of a language.
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\actions\CreateAction Creates a new Language model.
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\actions\DeleteAction Deletes an existing Language model.
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\actions\DeleteSourceAction Deletes an existing LanguageSource model.
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\actions\DialogAction Class for creating front end translation dialoge box
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\actions\ExportAction Class for exporting translations.
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\actions\ImportAction Class for exporting translations.
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\actions\ListAction Class that creates a list of languages.
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\actions\MessageAction Class for returning messages in the given language
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\actions\OptimizerAction Class for optimizing language database.
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\actions\SaveAction Class for saving translations.
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\actions\ScanAction Class for detecting language elements.
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\actions\TranslateAction This class facilitates the listing of language elements to be translated.
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\actions\UpdateAction Updates an existing Language model.
lajax\translatemanager\controllers\actions\ViewAction Displays a single Language model.
lajax\translatemanager\helpers\Language Language helper.
lajax\translatemanager\models\ExportForm Export Form.
lajax\translatemanager\models\ImportForm Import Form.
lajax\translatemanager\models\Language This is the model class for table "language".
lajax\translatemanager\models\LanguageSource This is the model class for table "language_source".
lajax\translatemanager\models\LanguageTranslate This is the model class for table "language_translate".
lajax\translatemanager\models\searches\LanguageSearch LanguageSearch represents the model behind the search form about common\models\Language.
lajax\translatemanager\models\searches\LanguageSourceSearch LanguageSourceSearch represents the model behind the search form about common\models\LanguageSource.
lajax\translatemanager\models\searches\SearchTrait Model search helper trait. Helps with common search tasks.
lajax\translatemanager\services\Generator Generator class for producing JavaScript files containing language elements.
lajax\translatemanager\services\Optimizer Optimizer class for optimizing database tables
lajax\translatemanager\services\Scanner Scanner class for scanning project, detecting new language elements
lajax\translatemanager\services\scanners\ScannerDatabase Detecting existing language elements in database.
lajax\translatemanager\services\scanners\ScannerFile Class for processing PHP and JavaScript files.
lajax\translatemanager\services\scanners\ScannerJavaScriptFunction Class for processing JavaScript files.
lajax\translatemanager\services\scanners\ScannerPhpArray Class for processing PHP files.
lajax\translatemanager\services\scanners\ScannerPhpFunction Class for processing PHP files.
lajax\translatemanager\widgets\ToggleTranslate Widget that displays button for switching to translating mode.
mikehaertl\shellcommand\Command Command
pheme\settings\controllers\DefaultController SettingsController implements the CRUD actions for Setting model.
pheme\settings\models\Setting This is the model class for table "settings".
pheme\settings\models\SettingInterface Interface SettingInterface
pheme\settings\models\SettingSearch SettingSearch represents the model behind the search form about pheme\settings\models\Setting.
rmrevin\yii\fontawesome\AssetBundle Class AssetBundle
rmrevin\yii\fontawesome\CDNAssetBundle Class CDNAssetBundle
rmrevin\yii\fontawesome\FA Class FA
rmrevin\yii\fontawesome\FontAwesome Class FA
rmrevin\yii\fontawesome\cdn\AssetBundle Class AssetBundle
rmrevin\yii\fontawesome\component\Icon Class Icon
rmrevin\yii\fontawesome\component\Stack Class Stack
rmrevin\yii\fontawesome\component\UnorderedList Class UnorderedList
schmunk42\giiant\Bootstrap Class Bootstrap.
schmunk42\giiant\generators\crud\Generator This generator generates an extended version of CRUDs.
schmunk42\giiant\generators\crud\providers\core\OptsProvider Class OptsProvider.
schmunk42\giiant\generators\crud\providers\extensions\EditableProvider Class EditableProvider.
schmunk42\giiant\generators\model\Generator This generator will generate one or multiple ActiveRecord classes for the specified database table.
schmunk42\markdocs\Module Markdown parser module
schmunk42\markdocs\controllers\DefaultController Class DefaultController