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HowTo: Include custom PRADO components

HowTo: Include custom PRADO components

It's Kindergarten.

Static components

Including static components - static means, that they do not have parameters, editable by the LContainer admin, is very easy.


  • Create two files for your components. A .php file with a class which extends LBrick and a .tpl file.

  • Put the contents in your component .tpl into a TContentPlaceHolder

    <com:TContent ID="ContentPlaceholder">
      <div class="Large">I am a static brick.</div>

  • Make sure you have the component in your namespace.

  • Add the class name to LCell config in application.xml, like

      value="LNoteBrick,LContentBrick,MyContentBrick" />

  • Login as admin and you can add your new component to any LCell.

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