Class bedezign\yii2\audit\controllers\EntryController

Inheritancebedezign\yii2\audit\controllers\EntryController » bedezign\yii2\audit\components\web\Controller » yii\web\Controller


Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$summary array Fake summary data so the debug panels work bedezign\yii2\audit\controllers\EntryController

Property Details

$summary public property

Fake summary data so the debug panels work

public array $summary = ['tag' => '']

Method Details

actionIndex() public method

Lists all AuditEntry models.

public mixed actionIndex ( )
actionView() public method

Displays a single AuditEntry model.

public mixed actionView ( $id, $panel '' )
$id integer
$panel string
throws \yii\base\InvalidConfigException
actions() public method

public array actions ( )
loadData() public method

public bedezign\yii2\audit\models\AuditEntry|bedezign\yii2\audit\components\panels\Panel[] loadData ( $id )
throws \yii\web\NotFoundHttpException