Class Swift_SpoolTransport

InheritanceSwift_SpoolTransport » Swift_Transport_SpoolTransport

Stores Messages in a queue.

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
__construct() Create a new SpoolTransport. Swift_SpoolTransport
getSpool() Get the spool object. Swift_Transport_SpoolTransport
isStarted() Tests if this Transport mechanism has started. Swift_Transport_SpoolTransport
newInstance() Create a new SpoolTransport instance. Swift_SpoolTransport
registerPlugin() Register a plugin. Swift_Transport_SpoolTransport
send() Sends the given message. Swift_Transport_SpoolTransport
setSpool() Sets the spool object. Swift_Transport_SpoolTransport
start() Starts this Transport mechanism. Swift_Transport_SpoolTransport
stop() Stops this Transport mechanism. Swift_Transport_SpoolTransport

Method Details

__construct() public method

Create a new SpoolTransport.

public void __construct ( Swift_Spool $spool )
$spool Swift_Spool
newInstance() public static method

Create a new SpoolTransport instance.

public static Swift_SpoolTransport newInstance ( Swift_Spool $spool )
$spool Swift_Spool