Class dmstr\console\controllers\BaseYamlConverterController

Inheritancedmstr\console\controllers\BaseYamlConverterController » yii\console\Controller

Property Details

$dockerComposeFile public property

Development docker-compose file

public string $dockerComposeFile '@app/docker-compose.yml'
$outputDirectory public property

Yaml output directory

public string $outputDirectory '@app/build/stacks-gen'
$templateDirectory public property

Yaml template directory

public string $templateDirectory '@app/build/stacks-tpl'
$templateReplacementsFile public property

Php file containing replacement values

public string $templateReplacementsFile '@app/build/stacks-tpl/env.yml'

Method Details

beforeAction() public method

Checks for write permissions in outputDirectory

public void beforeAction ( $action )
throws \yii\console\Exception
dump() public method

public void dump ( $stack )
options() public method

public void options ( $actionId )
readFile() public method

public array readFile ( $file, $replacements = [] )

YAML file to read and parse

return array

Data from the YAML file

writeFile() public method

public void writeFile ( $file, $data )