Class Swift_Transport_NullTransport


Pretends messages have been sent, but just ignores them.

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
__construct() Constructor. Swift_Transport_NullTransport
isStarted() Tests if this Transport mechanism has started. Swift_Transport_NullTransport
registerPlugin() Register a plugin. Swift_Transport_NullTransport
send() Sends the given message. Swift_Transport_NullTransport
start() Starts this Transport mechanism. Swift_Transport_NullTransport
stop() Stops this Transport mechanism. Swift_Transport_NullTransport

Method Details

__construct() public method


public void __construct ( Swift_Events_EventDispatcher $eventDispatcher )
isStarted() public method

Tests if this Transport mechanism has started.

public bool isStarted ( )
registerPlugin() public method

Register a plugin.

public void registerPlugin ( Swift_Events_EventListener $plugin )
$plugin Swift_Events_EventListener
send() public method

Sends the given message.

public int send ( Swift_Mime_Message $message, <b>&</b>$failedRecipients null )
$message Swift_Mime_Message
$failedRecipients string[]

An array of failures by-reference

return int

The number of sent emails

start() public method

Starts this Transport mechanism.

public void start ( )
stop() public method

Stops this Transport mechanism.

public void stop ( )