Class HTMLPurifier_URIDefinition

InheritanceHTMLPurifier_URIDefinition » HTMLPurifier_Definition

Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$base HTMLPurifier_URI object of the base specified at %URI.Base HTMLPurifier_URIDefinition
$defaultScheme Name of default scheme based on %URI.DefaultScheme and %URI.Base HTMLPurifier_URIDefinition
$host String host to consider "home" base, derived off of $base HTMLPurifier_URIDefinition
$optimized If true, write out the final definition object to the cache after setup. This will be true only if all invocations to get a raw definition object are also optimized. This does not cause file system thrashing because on subsequent calls the cached object is used and any writes to the raw definition object are short circuited. See enduser-customize.html for the high-level picture. HTMLPurifier_Definition
$setup Has setup() been called yet? HTMLPurifier_Definition
$type HTMLPurifier_URIDefinition

Property Details

$base public property
public $base null
$defaultScheme public property
public $defaultScheme null
$filters protected property
protected $filters = []
$host public property
public $host null
$postFilters protected property
protected $postFilters = []
$registeredFilters protected property
protected $registeredFilters = []
$type public property
public $type 'URI'

Method Details

__construct() public method

public void __construct ( )
addFilter() public method

public void addFilter ( $filter, $config )
doSetup() protected method

protected void doSetup ( $config )
filter() public method

public void filter ( <b>&</b>$uri, $config, $context )
getDefaultScheme() public method

public void getDefaultScheme ( $config, $context )
postFilter() public method

public void postFilter ( <b>&</b>$uri, $config, $context )
registerFilter() public method

public void registerFilter ( $filter )
setupFilters() protected method

protected void setupFilters ( $config )
setupMemberVariables() protected method

protected void setupMemberVariables ( $config )