Class bedezign\yii2\audit\models\AuditData

Inheritancebedezign\yii2\audit\models\AuditData » bedezign\yii2\audit\components\db\ActiveRecord » yii\db\ActiveRecord

AuditData Extra data associated with a specific audit line. There are currently no guidelines concerning what the name/type needs to be, this is at your own discretion.

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$autoSerialize bool If true, automatically pack and unpack the data attribute bedezign\yii2\audit\components\db\ActiveRecord
$serializeAttributes array bedezign\yii2\audit\components\db\ActiveRecord

Method Details

attributeLabels() public method

public void attributeLabels ( )
findEntryTypes() public static method

public static array findEntryTypes ( $entry_id )
findForEntry() public static method

public static array|null|\yii\db\ActiveRecord findForEntry ( $entry_id, $type )
tableName() public static method

public static void tableName ( )