Class HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache_Decorator_Memory

InheritanceHTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache_Decorator_Memory » HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache_Decorator » HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache

Definition cache decorator class that saves all cache retrievals to PHP's memory; good for unit tests or circumstances where there are lots of configuration objects floating around.

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$definitions HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache_Decorator_Memory

Property Details

$definitions protected property
protected $definitions null
$name public property
public $name 'Memory'

Method Details

add() public method

public mixed add ( $def, $config )
$def HTMLPurifier_Definition
$config HTMLPurifier_Config
copy() public method

public HTMLPurifier_DefinitionCache_Decorator_Memory copy ( )
get() public method

public mixed get ( $config )
$config HTMLPurifier_Config
replace() public method

public mixed replace ( $def, $config )
$def HTMLPurifier_Definition
$config HTMLPurifier_Config
set() public method

public mixed set ( $def, $config )
$def HTMLPurifier_Definition
$config HTMLPurifier_Config