Class lajax\translatemanager\models\LanguageSource

Inheritancelajax\translatemanager\models\LanguageSource » yii\db\ActiveRecord

This is the model class for table "language_source".


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ConstantValueDescriptionDefined By
INSERT_LANGUAGE_ITEMS_LIMIT 10 lajax\translatemanager\models\LanguageSource

Method Details

attributeLabels() public method

public void attributeLabels ( )
getLanguageTranslate() public method

public \yii\db\ActiveQuery getLanguageTranslate ( )
getLanguageTranslateByLanguage() public method

public \yii\db\ActiveQuery getLanguageTranslateByLanguage ( $language 'xx-XX' )
$language string
getLanguageTranslates() public method

public \yii\db\ActiveQuery getLanguageTranslates ( )
getLanguages() public method

public \yii\db\ActiveQuery getLanguages ( )
getTranslation() public method

public string getTranslation ( )
insertLanguageItems() public method

Inserting new language elements into the language_source table.

public integer insertLanguageItems ( $languageItems )
$languageItems array
return integer

The number of new language elements.

rules() public method

public void rules ( )
tableName() public static method

public static void tableName ( )