Interface Swift_Mime_ParameterizedHeader

Implemented bySwift_Mime_Headers_ParameterizedHeader

A MIME Header with parameters.

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
getFieldBody() Get the field body, prepared for folding into a final header value. Swift_Mime_Header
getFieldBodyModel() Get the model for the field body. Swift_Mime_Header
getFieldName() Get the name of this header (e.g. Subject). Swift_Mime_Header
getFieldType() Get the type of Header that this instance represents. Swift_Mime_Header
getParameter() Get the value of $parameter. Swift_Mime_ParameterizedHeader
setCharset() Set the charset used when rendering the Header. Swift_Mime_Header
setFieldBodyModel() Set the model for the field body. Swift_Mime_Header
setParameter() Set the value of $parameter. Swift_Mime_ParameterizedHeader
toString() Get this Header rendered as a compliant string. Swift_Mime_Header

Method Details

getParameter() public abstract method

Get the value of $parameter.

public abstract string getParameter ( $parameter )
$parameter string
setParameter() public abstract method

Set the value of $parameter.

public abstract void setParameter ( $parameter, $value )
$parameter string
$value string