Class Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner

InheritanceSwift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner » Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner

DKIM Signer used to apply DKIM Signature to a message Takes advantage of pecl extension.

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
__construct() Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner
addSignature() Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner
bind() Attach $is to this stream. Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner
commit() For any bytes that are currently buffered inside the stream, force them off the buffer. Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner
endBody() Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner
flushBuffers() Flush the contents of the stream (empty it) and set the internal pointer to the beginning. Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner
getAlteredHeaders() Returns the list of Headers Tampered by this plugin. Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner
ignoreHeader() Adds an ignored Header. Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner
newInstance() Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner
reset() Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner
setBodyCanon() Set the body canonicalization algorithm. Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner
setBodySignedLen() Set the length of the body to sign. Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner
setDebugHeaders() Enable / disable the DebugHeaders. Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner
setHashAlgorithm() Set hash_algorithm, must be one of rsa-sha256 | rsa-sha1 defaults to rsa-sha256. Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner
setHeaderCanon() Set the header canonicalization algorithm. Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner
setHeaders() Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner
setSignatureExpiration() Set the signature expiration timestamp. Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner
setSignatureTimestamp() Set the signature timestamp. Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner
setSignerIdentity() Set the signer identity. Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner
startBody() Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner
unbind() Remove an already bound stream. Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner
write() Writes $bytes to the end of the stream. Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner


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ConstantValueDescriptionDefined By
CANON_RELAXED 1 Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner
CANON_SIMPLE 2 Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner
SIG_RSA_SHA1 3 Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner
SIG_RSA_SHA256 4 Swift_Signers_OpenDKIMSigner

Method Details

__construct() public method

public void __construct ( $privateKey, $domainName, $selector )
_canonicalizeBody() protected method

protected void _canonicalizeBody ( $string )
addSignature() public method

public void addSignature ( Swift_Mime_HeaderSet $headers )
endBody() public method

public void endBody ( )
newInstance() public static method

public static void newInstance ( $privateKey, $domainName, $selector )
reset() public method

public void reset ( )
setDebugHeaders() public method

Enable / disable the DebugHeaders.

public Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner setDebugHeaders ( $debug )
$debug bool
setHeaders() public method

public void setHeaders ( Swift_Mime_HeaderSet $headers )
setSignatureExpiration() public method

Set the signature expiration timestamp.

public Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner setSignatureExpiration ( $time )
$time \timestamp
setSignatureTimestamp() public method

Set the signature timestamp.

public Swift_Signers_DKIMSigner setSignatureTimestamp ( $time )
$time \timestamp
startBody() public method

public void startBody ( )