Class HTMLPurifier_Injector_PurifierLinkify

InheritanceHTMLPurifier_Injector_PurifierLinkify » HTMLPurifier_Injector

Injector that converts configuration directive syntax %Namespace.Directive to links

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$currentNesting Reference to CurrentNesting variable in Context. This is an array list of tokens that we are currently "inside" HTMLPurifier_Injector
$currentToken Reference to current token. HTMLPurifier_Injector
$htmlDefinition HTMLPurifier_Injector
$inputZipper Reference to InputZipper variable in Context. HTMLPurifier_Injector
$rewindOffset Number of elements to rewind backwards (relative). HTMLPurifier_Injector

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
allowsElement() Tests if the context node allows a certain element HTMLPurifier_Injector
checkNeeded() This function checks if the HTML environment will work with the Injector: if p tags are not allowed, the Auto-Paragraphing injector should not be enabled. HTMLPurifier_Injector
getRewindOffset() Retrieves rewind offset, and then unsets it. HTMLPurifier_Injector
handleElement() Handler that is called when a start or empty token is processed HTMLPurifier_Injector
handleEnd() Handler that is called when an end token is processed HTMLPurifier_Injector
handleText() HTMLPurifier_Injector_PurifierLinkify
notifyEnd() Notifier that is called when an end token is processed HTMLPurifier_Injector
prepare() HTMLPurifier_Injector_PurifierLinkify
rewindOffset() Rewind to a spot to re-perform processing. This is useful if you deleted a node, and now need to see if this change affected any earlier nodes. Rewinding does not affect other injectors, and can result in infinite loops if not used carefully. HTMLPurifier_Injector

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
backward() Iterator function, starts with the previous token and continues until you reach the beginning of input tokens. HTMLPurifier_Injector
forward() Iterator function, which starts with the next token and continues until you reach the end of the input tokens. HTMLPurifier_Injector
forwardUntilEndToken() Similar to _forward, but accepts a third parameter $nesting (which should be initialized at 0) and stops when we hit the end tag for the node $this->inputIndex starts in. HTMLPurifier_Injector

Property Details

$docURL public property
public $docURL null
$name public property
public $name 'PurifierLinkify'
$needed public property
public $needed = ['a' => ['href']]

Method Details

handleText() public method

public void handleText ( <b>&</b>$token )
$token HTMLPurifier_Token
prepare() public method

public string prepare ( $config, $context )
$config HTMLPurifier_Config
$context HTMLPurifier_Context