Interface Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder

Implemented bySwift_Mime_ContentEncoder_Base64ContentEncoder, Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_NativeQpContentEncoder, Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_PlainContentEncoder, Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_QpContentEncoder, Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_QpContentEncoderProxy, Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_RawContentEncoder

Interface for all Transfer Encoding schemes.

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
charsetChanged() Notify this observer that the entity's charset has changed. Swift_Mime_CharsetObserver
encodeByteStream() Encode $in to $out. Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder
encodeString() Encode a given string to produce an encoded string. Swift_Encoder
getName() Get the MIME name of this content encoding scheme. Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder

Method Details

encodeByteStream() public abstract method

Encode $in to $out.

public abstract void encodeByteStream ( Swift_OutputByteStream $os, Swift_InputByteStream $is, $firstLineOffset 0, $maxLineLength 0 )
$os Swift_OutputByteStream

To read from

$is Swift_InputByteStream

To write to

$firstLineOffset int
$maxLineLength int
  • 0 indicates the default length for this encoding
getName() public abstract method

Get the MIME name of this content encoding scheme.

public abstract string getName ( )