Class hrzg\moxiecode\moxiemanager\widgets\BrowseButton

Inheritancehrzg\moxiecode\moxiemanager\widgets\BrowseButton » yii\bootstrap\Widget
Available since version2.0

Class BrowseButton based on Yii2 Bootstrap Widget.

Public Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$encodeLabel boolean Whether the label should be HTML-encoded. hrzg\moxiecode\moxiemanager\widgets\BrowseButton
$label string The button label hrzg\moxiecode\moxiemanager\widgets\BrowseButton

Property Details

$encodeLabel public property

Whether the label should be HTML-encoded.

public boolean $encodeLabel true
$label public property

The button label

public string $label 'Button'

Method Details

init() public method

Initializes the widget.

public void init ( )
registerClientScript() public method

Registers related events

public void registerClientScript ( )
run() public method

public void run ( )