Class lajax\translatemanager\models\Language

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This is the model class for table "language".


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ConstantValueDescriptionDefined By
STATUS_ACTIVE 1 Status of active language. lajax\translatemanager\models\Language
STATUS_BETA 2 Status of ‘beta’ language. lajax\translatemanager\models\Language
STATUS_INACTIVE 0 Status of inactive language. lajax\translatemanager\models\Language

Method Details

attributeLabels() public method

public void attributeLabels ( )
getGridStatistic() public method

Returns the completness of a given translation (language).

public integer getGridStatistic ( )
getIds() public method

public \yii\db\ActiveQuery getIds ( )
getLanguageNames() public static method

Returns the list of languages stored in the database in an array.

public static array getLanguageNames ( $active false )
$active boolean

True/False according to the status of the language.

getLanguageSources() public method

public \yii\db\ActiveQuery getLanguageSources ( )
getLanguageTranslate() public method

public \yii\db\ActiveQuery getLanguageTranslate ( )
getLanguages() public static method

Returns language objects.

public static lajax\translatemanager\models\Language|array getLanguages ( $active true, $asArray false )
$active boolean

True/False according to the status of the language.

$asArray bool

Return the languages as language object or as 'flat' array

getStatusName() public method

Returns the state of the language (Active, Inactive or Beta) in the current language.

public string getStatusName ( )
getStatusNames() public static method

Returns the names of possible states in an associative array.

public static array getStatusNames ( )
rules() public method

public void rules ( )
tableName() public static method

public static void tableName ( )