Class MOXMAN_Favorites_File

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Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
__construct() MOXMAN_Favorites_File
canRead() Returns true if the files is readable. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
canWrite() MOXMAN_Favorites_File
copyTo() Copies this file to the specified file instance. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
delete() Deletes the file. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
exists() MOXMAN_Favorites_File
exportTo() Exports the current file to the specified local path. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
getConfig() Returns a config instance for the current file. The config is provided by the FileConfigProvider specified for the file system. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
getFileSystem() Returns the file system that created the file. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
getLastModified() MOXMAN_Favorites_File
getMetaData() MOXMAN_Favorites_File
getName() MOXMAN_Favorites_File
getParent() MOXMAN_Favorites_File
getParentFile() Returns the parent files File instance. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
getPath() Returns the absolute path of the file. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
getPublicLinkPath() MOXMAN_Favorites_File
getPublicPath() Returns the public path for a file. A public path is a path that is safe to pass to the client side since it doesn't show the systems full path. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
getSize() MOXMAN_Favorites_File
getUrl() Returns the public URL for the file. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
importFrom() Imports the specified local file to the current file instance. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
isDirectory() Returns true if the file is a directory. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
isFile() MOXMAN_Favorites_File
isHidden() Returns true if the file is hidden. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
listFiles() Returns an array of File instances. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
listFilesFiltered() MOXMAN_Favorites_File
mkdir() Creates a new directory. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
moveTo() Renames/Moves this file to the specified file instance. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile
open() Opens a file stream by the specified mode. The default mode is rb. MOXMAN_Vfs_BaseFile

Method Details

__construct() public method

public void __construct ( $fileSystem, $path, $entry null )
canWrite() public method

public void canWrite ( )
exists() public method

public void exists ( )
getLastModified() public method

public void getLastModified ( )
getMetaData() public method

public void getMetaData ( )
getName() public method

public void getName ( )
getParent() public method

public void getParent ( )
getPublicLinkPath() public method

public void getPublicLinkPath ( )
getSize() public method

public void getSize ( )
isFile() public method

public void isFile ( )
listFilesFiltered() public method

public void listFilesFiltered ( MOXMAN_Vfs_IFileFilter $filter )