Class Swift_ByteStream_TemporaryFileByteStream

InheritanceSwift_ByteStream_TemporaryFileByteStream » Swift_ByteStream_FileByteStream » Swift_ByteStream_AbstractFilterableInputStream
ImplementsSwift_FileStream, Swift_Filterable, Swift_InputByteStream

Protected Properties

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PropertyTypeDescriptionDefined By
$_sequence Write sequence. Swift_ByteStream_AbstractFilterableInputStream

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
__construct() Swift_ByteStream_TemporaryFileByteStream
__destruct() Swift_ByteStream_TemporaryFileByteStream
addFilter() Add a StreamFilter to this InputByteStream. Swift_ByteStream_AbstractFilterableInputStream
bind() Attach $is to this stream. Swift_ByteStream_AbstractFilterableInputStream
commit() For any bytes that are currently buffered inside the stream, force them off the buffer. Swift_ByteStream_AbstractFilterableInputStream
flushBuffers() Flush the contents of the stream (empty it) and set the internal pointer to the beginning. Swift_ByteStream_AbstractFilterableInputStream
getContent() Swift_ByteStream_TemporaryFileByteStream
getPath() Get the complete path to the file. Swift_ByteStream_FileByteStream
read() Reads $length bytes from the stream into a string and moves the pointer through the stream by $length. Swift_ByteStream_FileByteStream
removeFilter() Remove an already present StreamFilter based on its $key. Swift_ByteStream_AbstractFilterableInputStream
setReadPointer() Move the internal read pointer to $byteOffset in the stream. Swift_ByteStream_FileByteStream
unbind() Remove an already bound stream. Swift_ByteStream_AbstractFilterableInputStream
write() Writes $bytes to the end of the stream. Swift_ByteStream_AbstractFilterableInputStream

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
_commit() Just write the bytes to the file Swift_ByteStream_FileByteStream
_flush() Not used Swift_ByteStream_FileByteStream

Method Details

__construct() public method

public void __construct ( )
__destruct() public method

public void __destruct ( )
getContent() public method

public void getContent ( )