Class Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_QpContentEncoder

InheritanceSwift_Mime_ContentEncoder_QpContentEncoder » Swift_Encoder_QpEncoder
ImplementsSwift_Encoder, Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder

Handles Quoted Printable (QP) Transfer Encoding in Swift Mailer.

Public Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
__clone() Make a deep copy of object. Swift_Encoder_QpEncoder
__construct() Creates a new QpContentEncoder for the given CharacterStream. Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_QpContentEncoder
__sleep() Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_QpContentEncoder
__wakeup() Swift_Encoder_QpEncoder
charsetChanged() Updates the charset used. Swift_Encoder_QpEncoder
encodeByteStream() Encode stream $in to stream $out. Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_QpContentEncoder
encodeString() Takes an unencoded string and produces a QP encoded string from it. Swift_Encoder_QpEncoder
getName() Get the name of this encoding scheme. Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_QpContentEncoder

Protected Methods

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MethodDescriptionDefined By
_encodeByteSequence() Encode the given byte array into a verbatim QP form. Swift_Encoder_QpEncoder
_nextSequence() Get the next sequence of bytes to read from the char stream. Swift_Encoder_QpEncoder
_standardize() Make sure CRLF is correct and HT/SPACE are in valid places. Swift_Encoder_QpEncoder
getSafeMapShareId() Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_QpContentEncoder
initSafeMap() Swift_Mime_ContentEncoder_QpContentEncoder

Property Details

$_dotEscape protected property
protected $_dotEscape null

Method Details

__construct() public method

Creates a new QpContentEncoder for the given CharacterStream.

public void __construct ( Swift_CharacterStream $charStream, Swift_StreamFilter $filter null, $dotEscape false )
$charStream Swift_CharacterStream

To use for reading characters

$filter Swift_StreamFilter

If canonicalization should occur

$dotEscape bool

If dot stuffing workaround must be enabled

__sleep() public method

public void __sleep ( )
encodeByteStream() public method

Encode stream $in to stream $out.

QP encoded strings have a maximum line length of 76 characters. If the first line needs to be shorter, indicate the difference with $firstLineOffset.

public void encodeByteStream ( Swift_OutputByteStream $os, Swift_InputByteStream $is, $firstLineOffset 0, $maxLineLength 0 )
$os Swift_OutputByteStream

Output stream

$is Swift_InputByteStream

Input stream

$firstLineOffset int
$maxLineLength int
getName() public method

Get the name of this encoding scheme.

Returns the string 'quoted-printable'.

public string getName ( )
getSafeMapShareId() protected method

protected void getSafeMapShareId ( )
initSafeMap() protected method

protected void initSafeMap ( )